3 Ways Hannah Lau Contributes to the Conversation

Today we are honored to have Hannah Lau, author of Wherever You Go: A Conversation About Life, Faith, and CourageI got to meet Hannah in person last fall when she passed through Denver. I  am happy for you to learn about her book because she has several unique characteristics to contribute to the conversation.

  • She’s Asian Canadian and lived in China and now lives in Hong Kong.
  • She’s single.
  • She works and serves in the business world.

Amazon describes Wherever You Go: A Conversation About Life, Faith, and Courage this way:

Strangers Corrie Lee and Keiko Suzuki have just graduated from university and moved to China to start their first jobs. Corrie believes that God has called her there, while Keiko is in it for the work experience. No matter the reason, life in China quickly becomes about more than just that. Through a friendship over email, Corrie and Keiko agonise, laugh, share, and commiserate over the big and small things in life. 

What does it mean to have a fulfilled and meaningful life?
– How can we be faithful to God, especially in difficult circumstances?
– How do we know whether a bad situation is our cross to bear or something to walk away from?



Can you tell us about your cross-cultural service? Where were you, what were you doing, and for how long were you there?

I began my cross-cultural service in 2006, about a week after graduating from university. I served in China for four years across three different cities as a tent-maker working in the advertising industry. After China I moved to Singapore for three years where God continued to prepare me in my vocation for what He ultimately intended for me to do. In 2013, I left the corporate world and also Singapore and moved to Hong Kong where I began working for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, running their marketing activities for Asia.

What are you up to these days?

These days I’m still based in Hong Kong but for the past two years have been freelancing as a marketing consultant for non-profit organizations, kingdom businesses, and social enterprises. My heart is to help ministries do what they do better and offer them the corporate expertise that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The flexibility of freelancing has allowed me to finish my book and now develop my speaking ministry. I hope to be able to reach audiences with the themes and truths covered in the book but furthermore to encourage and inspire them to live out their purpose in God.

What prompted you to write the book?

To be honest, I never intended to write a book. It started off as processing my journey of being a tent-maker in China. But as I began to journal, the Lord revealed to me that my experiences may have been mine, but the truths that he spoke into those experiences were neither unique to me nor unique to China. In fact, they were truths that young people could relate to all around the world. That’s when I felt I needed to share my story.

What need do you perceive this book meets?

On the path of following Christ there are many joys but there are also difficulties, the Bible is not shy about the cost of discipleship, the narrow roads and doors. What perhaps isn’t discussed enough is the journey itself, the realities of the path less traveled, the moments of darkness, when God is silent, when there is pain, loneliness, confusion, or even doubt. I hope that the conversation featured in the book will open up real life conversations, for those within the Christian community to get candid and honest about the parts that aren’t so sparkly and then bring the encouragement of God’s sovereignty and love into those situations.

What are your hopes for the book?

The hope is that it will reach anyone who is at a crossroad.  This could mean many things, from students preparing for college and deciding what path to choose, to young adults trying to figure out how following Christ fits in with their vocation. But crossroads come up in all stages of life. I hope that anyone that is trying to navigate what life with God looks like, whether in their studies, work, or mission field, would be encouraged, knowing that they are not alone, and that the journey is worth it.


Leave a comment and you can potentially win a free copy of Wherever You Go: A Conversation About Life, Faith, and CourageHow have you found the themes of life, faith, and courage “where you go”

?Bio: Hannah was born and raised in Canada. Growing up with immigrant parents from Hong Kong gave her a rich perspective on both eastern and western culture. She has spent her adult life in Asia, beginning in China as a tentmaking missionary. With a colourful and hard-earned career in advertising, she’s now using her corporate experience to help the non-profit sector. She’s the author of ‘Wherever You Go: A Conversation About Life, Faith, and Courage’ and a public speakerShe’s passionate about people, their stories, and how Christ can be an active part of the adventure. You can Follow the book on social media for updates on where in the world the book is going and who it’s blessing. Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.



  1. Jodie February 14, 2017

    Hannah, I met you at the China Source meeting in Colorado Springs last fall. I would love to read your book and learn more from your experiences!

    1. Amy Young February 14, 2017

      Oh that’s right! I love that you each have met :)!

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Yes! I remember, hello again! Hope the book is a blessing to you =)

  2. TJoy February 14, 2017

    As a single woman serving/working in Asia, I would love to hear about the journey and insights of someone with similar experiences. As I walk through the parts of my own journey that aren’t ” so sparkly,” I welcome the chance to talk about them honestly as well as see how God has taught her truth in these situations.

    1. Amy Young February 14, 2017

      If only life was sparkly all the time :). But that is just not realistic . . . I think you’ll find much to connect and relate to in this book.

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      And talk honestly about them we should! So many times we make the difficult choice to live for God, to do the hard thing but never process the resulting loss. When loss is unmourned, like the death or loss of anything else, it eventually comes back to us in unpleasant ways. Processing the unsparkly is such a necessary part of the journey =)

  3. Megan Diane February 14, 2017

    I am so excited to read this book! This topic is so relevant – thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Amy Young February 14, 2017

      That sense of “me too!” is good, isn’t it!

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      My pleasure, hope you’ll be blessed by it =)

  4. Sarah Hilkemann February 14, 2017

    Hannah, thank you for sharing your story and for your book! I LOVE hearing stories of how God uses one’s talents and passions for His kingdom. I was told in college while finishing up my degree in Business/Marketing and HR that I couldn’t be a Christian and study business, and that if I was interested in cross-cultural work I should pursue a degree that made more ‘sense’, like nursing or teaching. It is so neat to see how that is not true at all in your story, how God is using you to bring Him glory and have such a great impact. I look forward to checking out your book!

    1. Amy Young February 14, 2017

      Oh my word, Sarah, I’m rolling my eyes at the ignorance of what some people think and then say!! I love hearing that you went ahead and got your Business/Marketing and HR!

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Great to hear from you, Sarah. I’ll withhold my comments regarding what people said to you (as there probably isn’t enough space in this box haha) but I will say this: NOW more than ever, is the time for business skills to be used for the Kingdom. Not even just limited to the marketplace but in every sector you can imagine: education, politics, healthcare, charity, etc. Business skills are not just helpful for groups and organisations either, they’re helpful for individuals. A lot of ‘life skills’ that is lacking in more developing regions comes down to basic business skills applied in daily living. Enjoy the read =)

  5. Brittnee Love February 15, 2017

    I’m recently interested in how fiction can be used to impact people’s lives and connect with their hearts. I think both fiction and memoirs can be a gentle, yet powerful way to help cross cultural workers think about and process through their experiences.

    Grace to you Hannah

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Completely agreed, Brittnee. The medium is just as important as the message. In the case of Wherever You Go, 95% of it is true to life and it is based on a real friendship I have had with a sister in Christ over the past decade. How the ‘packaging’ of the story came to be was truly a gift from God. Blessings!

    2. Amy Young February 15, 2017

      Brittnee, I love that thought . . . how fiction can impact people’s lives!

  6. Kiera February 15, 2017

    Hannah, I love that your hopes for the book are that it meets people at a crossroads. Right now, I’m at a big crossroads as I prepare to leave the country I’ve been in for 11 years, but really as I look back, there were many points of crossroads along the way. I’m also intrigued at the question “How do we know when a bad situation is a cross to bear or something to walk away from?” I can definitely think of points like that in my journey. But whether you stick with your situation or make a change, either way it’s a crossroads – since sticking with it will grow you in ways that make you a different person thereafter.

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Amen, sister. The lesson in learning to stay is just as big as learning to go. I think that’s a struggle for many who are serving cross-culturally. Blessings for the transition ahead =)

  7. Ginny February 15, 2017

    So excited to read this!!! I am single, working in business in Southeast Asia in the marketing/advertising field. I too, see the need everywhere and wish more people “back home” were encouraging and giving opportunities to young people these days looking for ways to use their gifts and serve (both!). I love seeing the ways God brings us into His calling, whether we knew it along the way or not! Can’t wait to get my hands on a book. Any plans for Kindle version?

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Hi Ginny! Always great to meet fellow journeyers (or survivors) in the same field =) Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. Kindle version is available but I think it might be for US only due to copyright issues or something. Not sure where in Southeast Asia you are but if you’re in Singapore you can order it from the publisher and it’s free shipping: http://store.graceworks.com.sg/publications/wherever-you-go

  8. Michelle February 15, 2017

    I hope to read this book sometime! I read the preview on Amazon and it whetted my appetite. 🙂 As a single serving overseas (though not in China) I expect I would find a lot of it relevant and encouraging.

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Hi Michelle, you’re absolutely right. The intention from the very start was not that the story is about China, that’s simply the packaging. The journey, the struggles, the relationship with God, is something that all of us are going through, whether home or away. I’ve heard feedback from other readers in non-China locations who still said ‘oh! this SO happened to me’ haha. Hope you’ll be blessed by the read =)

  9. Christin February 15, 2017

    I look forward to reading this book! I can think of multiple audiences (especially international workers and their high-school kids who will soon be transitioning to their home country) who would benefit from interacting with these topics.

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Glad to hear, Christin. I’ve done talks to youth before and afterwards their parents come up to me and tell me it made them reflect on their own path with Christ. Truth is, everyone is on a journey, it just presents itself differently in different life stages. Blessings!

  10. Lisa Anderson February 15, 2017

    Yet another book that I can’t wait to read and implement in my work with staff care! 🙂

    1. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      It’ll definitely give you the insider’s scoop =) Hope you’ll be blessed!

  11. C R February 15, 2017

    Oh man, the questions that this book asks/answers sound so relevant to my journey the last few years. Thanks for being willing to talk about the hard stuff!

    1. Amy Young February 15, 2017

      CR, I love it when fiction parallels or mirrors our lives and provides that space to see our own lives. And in the seeing, we understand a part of ourselves or God in a deeper way.

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      You’re definitely not alone! The hard stuff is the stuff worth talking about. Blessings!

  12. Angie February 15, 2017

    I can see the crossroad ahead through the fog and I’m not quite sure which way to go. I would love to read your story and see how it could shed some light on the journey ahead.

    1. Amy Young February 15, 2017

      Stories can be so helpful to approach a cross-road from a different angle. Thinking of you and your cross-road!

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Hang onto Him, Angie. Even in the foggiest of situations, the most reassuring thing is that He knows and hasn’t let you out of His sight. Blessings!

  13. MaDonna February 15, 2017

    Thanks Hannah for letting us see a glimpse of your story and how He is using your gifts and talents. Loved reading this interview, can’t wait to read the book. I’m a little late in starting my 2017 books to read list, but this one is going on it. ?

    1. Amy Young February 15, 2017

      Hey Madonna, I was replying to comments and saw yours come through :). Fun to think we are on line at the same time! Never too late to add to a reading list! Said one junkie to another 🙂

    2. Hannah Lau February 15, 2017

      Honoured to be on the list =) Hope you’re blessed by the read.

  14. LaRae February 16, 2017

    Wow! What a neat book you have written Hannah! I can’t wait to read it. I love that God has led you into intercultural work and serving and that you can be an example that one doesn’t have to follow the traditional path (ie Biblical studies, nursing, teaching, health etc) to serve overseas. Looking forward to seeing how this book will be helpful for me in reaching out to my young friends out on the field, pioneering their paths in countries via tentmaking, some single some married.

    1. Hannah Lau February 16, 2017

      The marketplace is certainly ripe for harvest =) Pioneering is so the right way to put it. It’s less about the ‘right answers’ to the questions asked in the book, but more the journeying with God towards what He’s put on our hearts.

  15. Kris February 17, 2017

    Hannah, I am excited to read this book as it comes from a fellow Canadian with immigrant parents and living outside your “home” country. Sometimes even talking about “home” though is hard. When you serve overseas and come “home” , I had this picture in my mind of friends and family as they were when I left. But . . . When you come “home”, there is so much change – from new relationships, babies, childhood places destroyed or taken down, new buildings,and trying to find your place again where you are supposed to “fit”. Crossroads occur every day – we often don’t recognize them as our thoughts and attitudes influence and guide our actions. Standing on the cusp of choosing full term vs. staying home, makes me think your book would be an encouragement to keep on following Him wherever this leads. Lead on into the unknown:)!

    1. Hannah Lau February 18, 2017

      Oh, the ever elusive concept of ‘home’. I totally hear you on the change factor. Sometimes the greatest change is in ourselves and that makes it even harder to share with those who have not been part of those milestones. Blessings for the road ahead =)

  16. Michelle February 19, 2017

    I was especially moved by your words you spoke about being encouraged and inspired to live out God’s work through talking honestly about the REAL journey. I am on the brink of going back home to a regular hours payed job or committing to another 2 years of volunteering on the field in West Africa. I’m sure the wisdom in this book would go a long way in guiding myself and others to a journeying with God through the highs and lows with grace a and wisdom and joy! I look forward to reading it!

    1. Hannah Lau February 19, 2017

      That’s quite a decision you have before you, Michelle. I hope the journeys featured in the book would be used by God to bring about new insight into what He’s trying to show you in your own situation. Blessings for the road ahead =)

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