A Prayer for 2021

A Prayer for 2021

Lord, in your mercy, hear the prayers we are praying from all the far-flung corners of the globe.

We are weary. Angry. Afraid. Confused. Hopeful.

We long for things to return to the normal that was familiar to us, to be able to gather in large groups and give and receive strong hugs. We want to make trips for medical checkups and visa runs, to travel to gather the supplies we need, to go see loved ones. We want to return from the places we have been stuck for the last year.

Will you find us here in the waiting and wondering?

Will you remind us that we can trust you with our plans and dreams and desires for this year?

In our sadness and suffering, please fill our hearts with your comfort so that we overflow with comfort for those around us.

Give us hope when things feel anything but hopeful because ultimately this is not our home. Help us to be beacons of hope and point people to you.

As we gaze at the days and weeks and months ahead, help us to trust you with all of the unknowns. Give us grace for penciled-in planners, empty calendars and cautious expectations.

Jesus, in your great mercy, hear the silent prayers tucked away in the deep corners of our hearts. Hear the prayers of your daughters who love you more anything. Hear the prayers of your people as we cry out to you, the God of abundant mercy.


What is the prayer on your heart today? How can we pray along with you?

What do you think?

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