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Hopefully this week you’ve been inspired to carve out time to sit with your Father and get away from the noise around you to rest. You’ve heard stories of the impact the Velvet Ashes Retreat has had. But you still might have questions. What is all included in this retreat?

  • Inspiring personal testimonies from women all over the world: these are women who get it, who are living this overseas life and clinging to the hope that God is good no matter what the season.
  • 2 powerful worship experiences: sing your heart out or let the worship wash over you.
  • A retreat guide designed to take you deeper into encounters with God and reflections on his Word.
  • Teachings and guided spiritual formation practices.
  • Physical renewal options through relaxation massage and Zumba workout.
  • + bonus features!

Here’s what other women in the community are saying about the Velvet Ashes retreat:

“I’ve done every Velvet Ashes retreat and each one has helped me pause and reconnect with God in a new and deeper way.”

“I’ve gifted the retreat to myself as a birthday present the last 3 years! I love planning and preparing for solitude, even as a single. The content is beautiful, and the testimonies are powerful!”

“I did the retreat last year and was so moved by it that I’ve been thinking about it all year, and looking forward to another one this year.”

“I love the ways Velvet Ashes draws me to the heart of the Father.”

So what do you think? Are you ready to celebrate the hope you have in God no matter what season you are in? Are you ready to get away with Him, right where you are?

Early bird pricing ends on Saturday, February 29th (the end of the day EST), so jump in now!


  1. Abigail February 28, 2020

    Anyone else doing this retreat in Sydney Australia? 🙂

  2. Shubh May 22, 2020

    I miss my teacher because she helped me get more smart and she is a nice teacher.I wish I had the same teacher again.

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