Fifteen Minutes Matter

I just needed fifteen minutes to step out of my house and clear my head. Usually, I prefer to view the beauty of my surroundings from my favorite chair with maple syrup sweetened coffee at my lips.

But this morning was different. When my alarm went off, I pressed the snooze button but then turned it off two minutes later. I was hungry for something more. I felt the pull to follow the whisper in my soul and venture out beyond my door for a walk as I worked out the concerns of my heart.

The night before as I put my girls to bed, I had a deep conversation with my oldest. We had already been in a state of missing our passport country for a while, as many of you who’ve had your travel limited over the past years understand. Her emotions have already been in a tender place. But as we talked about something else, her cry that night was deep. It tore my heart wide open, speaking to some places in my own heart that I had paved over in my efforts to continue to move forward. I cried with her at one point, identifying with her grief and praying for the solutions only God could bring.

So, the morning after, I was still heavy with the implications of our talk. Instead of spending fifteen more minutes in bed, I spent it walking outside, down the street and toward the rocks overlooking the ocean that borders our town.

That movement brought momentum. Taking me out of my comfort to bring perspective, the burden lifting with each step as I expanded my vision. I stared out over those waters and remembered the promises that God had given me specifically for my children. I watched the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline and breathed in all the reminders that God washed over my heart.

I didn’t spend too much time outside. But it was enough to fill my lungs with fresh air and to revive me, refreshing me with the knowledge of God’s words that never fail and the love He has for my family that is more than I can imagine.  

There were so many people coming and going that they couldn’t even take time to eat, so he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a place where we can be alone, and you can get some rest.”

Mark (Mrk) 6:31 CJB

This outing reminded me that the invitation to obey the leading of the Lord is not always about engaging in the next ministry, opportunity, or even gathering. It’s not always sweat, effort or a painful sacrifice. Oftentimes it’s just a simple invitation.

Come and sit.

Go and explore.

Remember and delight.

It’s letting Jesus remind you of the things that bring you delight. The joy and enjoyment that brush the dust off of gratitude, which in turn makes room for desperately needed renewal.

It’s coffee in a favorite chair, a moment to breathe before the morning, or long after it.

A superhero movie with the child who loves them with you, filling his cup and yours with wonder and laughter.

Reading the fiction book that transports you to a land more distant than yours, reigniting your passion for words and moving prose.

Listening to songs that make you sing in the shower like you are winning a karaoke contest.

Just being able to take a shower without interruptions.

Calls with family and friends that confirm you are not as alone as you can sometimes think you are.

Laying down your phone so that you can learn how to be bored again, to let your thoughts wander with dreams and creativity.

Giving yourself permission to be the daughter you are meant to be, loosening the grasp of control and engaging in Christ’s invitation to just be. With Him.

What could it look like for you to engage in the invitation the Lord gives us to come away? How would that look if you just had 15 minutes? An hour or two? A few days?


  1. Elise June 22, 2021

    Thank you. This is permission for me to fight for this time that I need so desperately. I often feel guilty that I have a need for rest and rejuvenation, but Jesus commands it!

    1. Jenny June 23, 2021

      I love that you said this and that you felt that permission. I think that is the greatest struggle. And it’s hard when there is so much to do or take care of. Thankful that we have this community that encourages us to take hold of the permission we need to be and rest.

  2. Kathleen Smith June 23, 2021

    SO important! I’ve been giving myself a little time on Spotify, just to listen to the beautiful songs of God’s love, especially when feeling not so loved by the world around me. Thank you.

    1. Jenny June 23, 2021

      So important! Music has such an impact on our atmosphere and ability to rest. And I need to get with that and make by own list of songs on Spotify. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Stephanie Clarke June 23, 2021

    Love this heartfelt reminder, Jenny – how just 15 intentional minutes with God can change the trajectory of the day and refresh a tired soul.

    1. Jenny June 23, 2021

      Seriously! Because sometimes that is all we have. So thankful that God is not bound by time.

  4. Amanda Hutton June 23, 2021

    You had me at the snooze button. LOL. So often I choose a nap or zoning out to Netflix (not that those are bad things) instead of acknowledging what would really energize, encourage, or uplift me. Amazing!

    1. Jenny June 24, 2021

      Girl! Seriously! And I have written on my alarm sometimes “Time with Jesus” and I STILL press snooze. I want to be more consistent with choosing what will pour in to me too.

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