Hope Remains

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

We’ve heard these words hundreds of times.  We’ve quoted them at weddings and heard them from the pulpit.  And yet, have we stopped and focused in on the words?

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.”

These three remain…

Through it all, these three remain.  Through the years, through the hardships, through the tears, through the valleys – these three remain.

Even through our darkest night, Hope remains.
In our darkest valley, Hope remains.
In our greatest joys, Hope remains.

I’m the daughter of two engineers; therefore I came out of the womb asking questions.  I had no choice but to be an innate process manager.  However, there are times when logic and reasoning and process are not enough.

Six years ago my friend, Mandy, was killed while riding her bike home from teaching.  I remember getting the call – I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing and yet tears were pouring down my face. I remember being asked to call her friends and tell them the news before they heard about it via Facebook or the news.  With every call, I relived the pain.  And then I called another person and relived the pain again.  I did this until I was numb.  Numb.

That night, a few of us stayed in my apartment.  We were too afraid to leave each other.  Too afraid of being alone in our grief.  I remember as I was drifting to sleep my friend Camille reached over and asked, “How could this happen?”

In that moment, I was too numb to give a logical answer.  I was too numb to give a theological answer.  I was empty.

And yet, Faith, Hope, and Love remained.

I had hope because in the deepest part of my soul I knew this wasn’t her end.  I had hope because I knew my God saw my pain.  I didn’t understand…I didn’t know how I would ever walk out of this valley…and yet, hope remained.

Hope remains.  Faith remains.  Love remains.

Hold onto this in the darkest of nights.

Hope remains.

Where have you sensed hope remaining?

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  1. Danielle Wheeler April 10, 2014

    “Even in our darkest valley, Hope remains.”  Not just dark valley, but darkest.   That fact itself is ultimate Hope.  That the absolute worst can happen, and we would not be without Hope.  Thanks for that powerful reminder today, Lizzie.

    1. Lizzie April 11, 2014

      Ultimate Hope…that is truly what we have!

  2. Jennifer April 11, 2014

    Thank you Lizzie.  Hope does remain, even in the darkest times.  I think I have learnt that lesson far more than I ever wanted do, and yet I know more strongly that I ever did just how true it is. Some of the hardest times have been two young guys in their early 20s who I used to babysit when they were younger, so I had known them most of their lives. They were two of what I tend to think of as “facebook” deaths, equaling when it was only through facebook while abroad that I realized through the postings of their friends in both cases, a couple of years apart that something very bad had happened, and they had died suddenly. It was challenging then and sometimes challenging now. But

  3. Jennifer April 11, 2014

    that I probably do need in some ways to learn again how to express to people how I feel when challenging things happen, because I have such relatively good skills now in processing them by myself… in the absence of someone to talk to at that level at the time.

    1. Lizzie April 11, 2014

      Jennifer – I think isolation, especially in our current fields, can be such a hard hurdle during times of turmoil.  Our isolation is so often not our own choice, and we feel it so strongly during these times.  I hope you are able to find places and people to help in these times.  However, even in isolation we know that our Hope is steadfast and He is always there.  Sometimes hard to grasp because we cannot see it but true.  This is my hope for you!

  4. Elisa April 11, 2014

    Wow, Lizzie!  Thanks so much for sharing this!  What you spoke of in losing Mandy so quickly is similar to what it was like for me to lose my mom 14 years ago.  The verse that comforted me the most during that “darkest” valley was: 1Peter 1:6-7.  These are the verses where my HOPE came from when I was standing in the dark.  As recent was last year I was standing in a different darkness and Heb. 12:11-15 became a new LIGHT in a new darkness for me.  I’m so glad that HOPE remains, whether or not I feel it.  The truth is that HE is ALWAYS there! 🙂  Thanks again Lizzie!

  5. Lizzie April 11, 2014

    Ooooo those are good verses to cling to.  I love the end of the 1 Peter one – “may result in praise, glory and honor.”  That helps us even think through the fact that the trials aren’t just about us and what we are feeling.  The end is to result in praise to Him, glory to His name, and His honor for the world to see!  I hope my trials and dark times have those results!

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