In the Presence of My Enemies

When my mind is swirling with the many “what if’s” facing me in any given season of life, I tend often to find solace in song. As a worship dancer, my heart is deeply touched by the art of stringing word pictures together with beautiful music. So when recent days and weeks have brought their own share of daily fear and doubt, I have reached for my iPod and set my “Favorites” list on repeat.

One of those favorites is a golden oldie, Keith Green’s “The Lord is my Shepherd”. Of all my favorites, this is Number One. The music is beautiful and the words are as solid and true as they can get. This is also the song that started my journey of interpretive dance so many years ago as a young teenager. This morning as I was cleaning the kitchen floors, I paused and jumped to my feet to begin moving to the song once again when I was jolted to a stop after my hands signed verse five:

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

For the first time I could really see the picture these words painted. And it was in that moment the Lord seemed to speak these words to me:

“Beth, the enemy of your heart and soul is fear and doubt.  Look around you and see how I have provided for you, always.  When fear and doubt press in on you, when the reality of their presence seems overwhelming, look, see, and remember what I provide at that very moment.  Look, see, and remember how I have always cared for you.”

I stood there motionless for a moment as I pondered more on this Truth. How often have I only considered “enemies” to be people or institutions that sought my harm? This time however, I was reminded that my current very present and real enemies were fear and doubt.

It was then too that I realized these enemies will not necessarily disappear from my life, but that in their presence … while they seem to almost daily attack … I can trust in the ONE who has prepared a table (abundant provision!) for me.  What a comfort this became to someone who has recently been asking herself:

Why can’t I just be done with doubt and fear?”

Truth be told, these enemies may be a constant presence, for a time perhaps. But so much MORE is HIS presence, HIS provision, HIS guidance, HIS rest, HIS anointing, HIS restoration, HIS staff and HIS rod, HIS comfort, HIS goodness and kindness … which SURELY will follow me ALL the days of my life!

Sometimes God destroys our enemies. Sometimes He provides in their very presence!

For the rest of the morning my heart felt lighter. I felt armed for battle. And yes, tomorrow I will hit repeat again.

Where have you seen God provide in the presence of your enemies?

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  1. Danielle Wheeler October 8, 2014

    Thank you for this powerful truth, Beth.  That God doesn’t always take the bad away, but he provides in the midst of it. In my own life I am learning again (and then again and again) the truth that contentment lies in seeing the good that is always there, the gifts of his presence.

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