It’s a Big Day Here at Velvet Ashes!

It’s a big day here at Velvet Ashes! We’re officially launching registration for our 2021 Unplugged Retreat. Last year we asked the question, “Would you like another Velvet Ashes Retreat experience, but in a simplified format that frees you from technology?”

The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

So many of you joined us for Velvet Ashes’ first ever Unplugged Retreat last October. The stories that flowed out of your experiences confirmed that this is going to be a new life-giving rhythm for the Velvet Ashes community.

We are thrilled to share the theme that God has led us to for this, our second Unplugged Retreat. Consider this your invitation:

All you have to do is print off our Retreat Guide and find a space to retreat. It will be a day that walks you right to the heart of your own relationship with God. Come as you are, whether you’re in a season of grief, fear, and overwhelm, or a time of rejoicing, rest, and renewal. This retreat is for you. You’ll learn from Jesus your own steps towards a more intimate relationship with God through prayer.

Check out all the details:

You may have seen that our theme here at Velvet Ashes for this week is “Member Care.” Wondering what member care has to do with our Unplugged Retreat? Everything, actually. As someone who has been either receiving or offering member care for nearly twenty years, there is a core conviction I’ve come to:

Member care essentially boils down to me and Jesus. I can have all the greatest support systems and resources available to me. I can stuff myself with all kinds of great content and tools. But if I am ignoring the voice and movement of the Holy Spirit in my life, it will all be for naught. I can get the best training, follow all the transition tips, do all the recommended things for “thriving on the field,” but if I am not intimately connected to God, following his leading in my life, I will shrivel.

That is why we here at Velvet Ashes believe that the very best thing we can offer you is an invitation to time with Jesus. We know that he is the one who knows exactly where you are in your story. He is the one who knows your deepest needs, and he longs to draw you into himself. 

We’ve found that this kind of deep interaction with God best happens when you have extended time away from distractions and responsibilities of your life. That’s why we create two retreat experiences for you each year. You simply carve out the time and space, and we provide the gentle guidance for moving into interaction with God. Then God’s Spirit meets you as only he can.

Does having a “deep encounter with God” sound scary and intimidating? Do you feel like you don’t have the mental and emotional energy for that right now? Not to mention the time? If these questions resonate for you, know that’s both completely normal and also an indication that this is actually exactly what you need.

Three tiny steps is all it takes:

  1. Take a deep breath (see how easy that was?)
  2. Register (also easy)
  3. Block off a day on your calendar (definitely worth it)

That’s it!  

We hope you’ll join us in this year’s Unplugged Retreat for the richness of the theme “Jesus and Prayer.” You can gather a group and retreat in the joy of community or enjoy it in the sweetness of solitude. Our Retreat Guide will lead you through both formats. 

We look forward to diving into discussions this week on the gifts and challenges of member care. Plus, stay tuned to hear from one woman on how last year’s Unplugged Retreat experience became part of her life-altering story.

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Who is feeling the need for a retreat right about now?

Who joined us for last year’s Unplugged Retreat? Tell us about your experience!

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