It’s Retreat Week, Ladies! (Here’s our lineup)

It’s Retreat Week, Ladies!

It’s Retreat week, ladies! Our global Velvet Ashes Online Retreat is happening this weekend! 

Show of hands, how many of you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so ready to retreat? The thought of time and space for the Lord to tend to your soul is exactly what you are longing for. 

Another show of hands, how many of you are practically ready? Your bag is packed, or your at-home retreat space is set. Your schedule is cleared, and your to-do list is done. Anyone?? If you are feeling swamped this week at the sheer logistics of getting away, you are not alone. We would all love to glide into the Retreat, feeling totally prepared and put together. The reality is most of us crawl into the Retreat, feeling scattered, weary and ready to just flop down.

You know what? That’s ok. Jesus is ready to receive us just as we are. 

If this week feels like too much, if you begin to wonder if the extra work to get away will be worth it, you are not alone. If you get a wave of anxiety at the thought of retreating with people you barely know, or you fret at the thought of spending that much time alone, you are not alone. All of these things are normal feelings leading up to a Velvet Ashes Retreat.    

Can we whisper a word of encouragement to you as you walk into this Retreat week?

It will be worth it.

Time with Jesus always is. 

He knows what you need. He is going to provide. Whatever you leave undone, whatever does or does not happen before you leave, it’s all in his hands. He’s got it all. He’s got you. Deep breath. One thing at a time. He’s with you now, not just waiting to meet you in the Retreat. He’ll walk with you through each day this week.

And we’re here as a community to walk with you too. Share with us in the comments, what’s weighing on you as you prepare to retreat? It can be big or small. Tell us and we’ll pray.

Here’s our Retreat lineup for you. This is what’s coming for you:

  • Tuesday/Wednesday – We’ve got an amazing interview with 3 women from our community who are getting ready to retreat. Read what their VA Retreats are going to look like. Get a glimpse of how the physical seasons of their locations have affected them, and what spiritual season they are currently experiencing. You are going to love this blog post!
  • Thursday/Friday – Don’t miss a video by Denise and Danielle kicking off Retreat weekend! It will be on our Instagram and Facebook. Plus, Danielle will share in a blog post about the theme of “Seasons” along with her own journey of spiritual seasons.
  • Friday – Sunday – RETREAT! It’s not too late to register to join. If these dates don’t work for you, we have flexible options, but we’d love for you to join us this weekend so you can participate with the global community. Join the community interaction on the Retreat Facebook Page. 
  • Monday April 26 at 9am EDT – Join our Live Retreat Debrief with Denise, Danielle, and special guests including our two Retreat Testimony ladies! The recording will be available after, but join us live so you can interact with us in the chat. 
  • Friday April 30 10am EDT – Come party with us on Facebook! It’s Denise’s birthday, so come celebrate with us. We’ll be hanging out on video and chatting about the Retreat together. If you’d like, bring your painting project from the Retreat art video and we’ll finish it together as we chat. Open to the first 50 people who join.      

We’re so excited to experience all that God has for us as a community. We are so eager to hear how God meets each of you personally. We are praying for you. We believe God has an invitation just for you, something he wants to extend to you in the exact season of your soul.

How are you feeling as we head into Retreat week? How can we pray for you? Let us know in the comments. 

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