Not My Own

I still remember her grabbing my hands and leading me to a back bedroom to hand it to me. It was a check for the exact amount I had prayed for. 

Our car in Africa had crossed over from the “frugal” vehicle to the “unsafe” vehicle. We had been grabbed and robbed because of the dangerous situation our car had left us in. Reluctantly we had begun to crunch numbers and knew that what it would take to drive safely was a big ask in our frugal mindset. So we prayed, and let the need be known. 

As I glanced down at the check and back into her eyes, she shared with me that her mother had passed away and she wanted to give some of her inheritance to us. What she viewed as something that didn’t belong to her was exactly what we needed.

We all have them. The stories that cause our throats to tighten when we think about how the Lord provided for us through others. 

The groceries on the front porch one cold night when you wondered how the emptiness of your fridge and bank account would feel on the plates of your family.

The moment that hope was spoken into the hollowness that somehow weighed down every bone in your body. Their words delivered the miracle of relief.

As we wander through our days, do we know that what we carry around may be just what is needed by someone else? Like the lost puzzle piece they have exhausted every effort to find?

The kind word.

The extra place at our table.

The blessing of resources.

The gift of time.

What would it feel like to look upon others and think, “What can I offer you instead of what can I hide from you”? Would we find peace, love, hope, and joy there as well?

Oh to be a part of something like this.

Acts 4:32 (NLT) All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had.

The community we would all love to belong to exists here in verse 32 of Acts. Their hearts felt the deep relief that comes from unity. Their minds stopped racing as peace descended in the presence of trust. And the posture of their hands were open as they practiced a life of ‘Not My Own’. A life open to give, open to receive. A life that recognizes that my things and my stories are best when they are shared.

On Giving Tuesday we are looking to others who may want to join us for a different mindset this holiday season- a mindset of Not My Own.

Although the Velvet Ashes Community may not have monetary wealth, we are rich in the stories of God moving in amazing ways. Each day we share those freely. For many, the stories and content we provide arrive at just the right time.

To serve women who have chosen to minister in hard places means we serve a community that has few financial resources. And yet each year we are always moved to see that many who give at this time of year are those we serve.

We are keenly aware of the practice of humility as we get to depend on God to meet our needs through the gifts that He has given to others. Others who are outside of those who directly benefit from what we provide.

Will you be praying about how God may be providing for this ministry through you?

We pray that the posture of ‘Not My Own’ this holiday season will not only bless our community, but all those who are brought near to you. We pray you are filled with joy as you discover how God has equipped you to bless and meet the needs of others. 

We look forward to joining you in being used by Him this holiday season.

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