Put Praise to my Lips

staying orchestration

Even in a dirty and dreary land, there is a sunrise. Even when the air chokes and stifles a clear breath, the birds herald the morning.

As a self-proclaimed night person, I enjoy waking up for 8 am classes only for one simple reason: I can see the sunrise. Last Tuesday was gorgeous with purple and apricot hues.

Today I walked out of the bedroom where my husband casually slept to discover only a muted light. Disappointed that it was, once again, another day in which I would need to check the air quality index and run my air purifier, I began to get ready. Then I noticed it. In the silence of the morning, I could hear birds singing. An electrical or old telephone wire runs from near the top corner of our picture window down to the neighboring boys’ dormitory. Many times, I have been glad of it for the single purpose that birds deem to land upon it and sing praises. “Our birds,” I’ve called them once or twice. A reminder that the land still declares the glory of God. Joy still comes in the morning.

So, I began to watch as my little heralds bade me to do. The sunrise didn’t happen as early as usual but the sky blushed and then a orangey-red orb began to inch its way from behind a smog bank or clouded horizon. I casually chewed my half a waffle, face turned toward the light from the window and felt my mood change, minute by minute. There has to be a story in this somewhere, I thought. But the ticking clock and the anticipation of students in a classroom required me to get on with my day.

Our sun has now set on the opposite horizon, rising now for friends and family on the other side of the globe. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky proclaims the work of his hands…In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion, like a champion rejoicing to run his race. It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other. Nothing is hidden from its heat.” (Psalms 19:1,4-6) These words instruct me to watch and see how the world reflects God’s glory. Sometimes that isn’t always clear, bright and visible, but veiled or shaded by the influences of sin. But it’s always there.

  • When yet another call of a taxi driver abrasively yells out LaoWai (outsider) in ironic hopes of getting a fare, then laughs as you wave it off, remember that laughter lightens and cheers the heart.
  • When the droning hum of a monk’s chant sinks my heart low, remember God made his vocal chords, and mine to sing and call out.
  • When I repeat something for my students for what seems like the millionth time, and in the millionth different way, remember that our intelligence allows us to engender words in multiple ways to have similar meanings and (eventually) to understand.
  • When I’ve disappointed myself once again in the insensitive way I address or advise my husband, remember that our union still reflects the Lord’s relationship with us and us with him and learn from it.
  • When I feel like adding one more thing would send me over the edge, even something as simple as doing the dishes, remember the orchestration of time belongs to the Lord and I must trust him with it.

Revelation 5:13 states that all creation will one day audibly sing praise, glory and honor to the creator. I have been gifted the ability to show his glory and give him honor and to put that praise to my lips.

How do you do that each day? What can make us more open and aware of the glory of his creation even in difficult spaces? At the risk of being “Pollyanna-ish” are we bold enough to take those challenges and speak of God’s glory within them?

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash


  1. Anne May 23, 2018

    Well-spoken/written, Kimberli. Good reminders of similar memories & struggles while in TW for 45 yrs. We have a special privilege to see with fresh eyes God’s glory in nature at unaccustomed hours in exotic places where only the grace of God can bring insight, stamina, joy or fruit. But OH! the lovely relationships & memories, the sights & sounds of a place that becomes home to our hearts. God loves to take us beyond our comfort zones so we find Him sufficient, adorable, faithful. Once I feared to get a ‘comfortable’ job, for fear of losing that intimate dependence. However, I found Him sufficiently able to keep me beyond my comfort zone in it. LOL! He is truly faithful. Enjoy Him in each glistening moment, and keep your wonderful blog/journal articles coming!
    Anne A.

    1. Kimberli Tundevold May 23, 2018

      Oops, See my comment below, supposed to be addressed to you!

  2. Suzy L May 23, 2018

    Thanks – I needed this today.

    1. Kimberli Tundevold May 23, 2018

      I’m glad!

  3. Kimberli Tundevold May 23, 2018

    “Out of my comfort zone in order to trust him more” That was the phrase I told people the very first time I left home to live in another place. God has given you and I a similar way of thinking. And boy has he used an tested this idea of comfort with me, in a thousand different ways, even flipping it on its head at times. Thank you for your encouragement. I do enjoy writing and posting here.

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