Real Talk and Red Carpets {Choose to Lose}

Can we be real for a minute? I hope so. Raising money is not my favorite. Are any of you feeling that too? And to be REALLY HONEST, I could not push through the knots in my stomach if I didn’t believe it was totally worth it. If I didn’t believe that this organization is making a difference and if I didn’t TRULY SEE so many possibilities to be a bigger blessing to women tucked around the globe in 2020, I wouldn’t even ask. 

I got a message asking what we would be using the money for. Great question. While many of the things we create only require brain power and hours of time, there are things that we create that we haven’t found a way around the cost that comes with it. The Velvet Ashes Retreat is a great example of that. My personal deep heart feeling is this: for years, overseas workers have sometimes been given the leftovers. The story of used tea bags sent to one global worker comes to mind. There are so few places where we look at global workers and think, “Let’s roll out the red carpet! Let’s offer them the best of what we have”.

BUT that is how I look at Velvet Ashes. If we can…then we should. Pulling off a top of the line retreat is our heart for them. So that means licensing music to use, asking for great speakers, using amazing videographers. This is just one area.  Our Connection Groups, book clubs, blogs, and future programs all have opportunity for red carpet growth!

I want our community to know at Velvet Ashes we roll that carpet out for them. And to be honest I think I am not alone. If there are others out there who share my heart, I want to hang out with you because you get it…and that means you may get my jokes too. You are my people.

All of us associated with Velvet Ashes are either currently on the field or have served, struggled, loved, and lived on the field. We want to use our gifts and access to resources to bless those who don’t have that. 

Do we need thousands of partners? No. We are small. But we do need those whom the Lord is moving to meet the need we have. Is that you? Do you feel it?

We have big dreams to keep that carpet rolling. We have plans in 2020 to develop more monthly encouraging resources. We hope to bring better technology to make delivery of these resources easier so that more women will find us, be blessed, encouraged, filled with joy, and free to grow. We want this small place to be filled with the best for our community.

I was once (not too long ago) tucked into a forgotten part of the globe. No running water, no electricity, but amazing people. And to be honest I thought I didn’t care if I was forgotten. What I was doing was making a difference. And then one day I sat curled up in a chair and read things by Velvet Ashes. It wasn’t something created for just anyone living that Christian life, it was created for me…and for others who did crazy things for the gospel. And my heart was warmed, and my cheeks were wet.

So, I joyfully ask and invite you to join our small group in rolling out that red carpet. If you want more specifics, I am happy to tell you, I just don’t want to ruin the surprise for my favorite women out there! Email me with your specific support questions at [email protected]

As we circle up this week and remember the joy of the greatest extravagant gift ever given, I’m asking you to click here and give your own extravagant gift to our small but mighty tribe. We need you and we welcome you onto the other end of the carpet with us.

Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash

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