The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

How many countless “even though” moments have I had in my life?

Even though I want my jeans to fit better, I will eat this cheeseburger. Even though I am laughing at what you just did, I am still going to put you in timeout. Even though I should be terrified to move overseas, I am strangely at peace. 

Although “even thoughs” can be good (my character is strong enough to do this), or bad (what is character anyway, bring on the consequence), I want to sit with the first one. Those “even thoughs” get their strength from modeling the life of a carpenter from Galilee who walked slowly, saw people for who they could be, and stepped in front of their consequences for them. He was the original “even though”. Even though you don’t deserve it. Even though you don’t want it. Even though you crucify me. I choose you.

When we choose to live this crazy, awesome, terrifying, hysterical, gut-wrenching overseas life, we need other “even though” people to be close by. Those who stand with us and say even though it makes no sense to do this, it makes less sense not to.

Of all the “even thoughs” ever muttered, I hear Job trying to explain his “even though” to his friends: “(Even)Though he slay me, I will hope in him”. Have you ever felt like ending your explanation to friends or family who just don’t get why you’d go to “the place” with this verse? Listen, I know all of the things could happen, but let’s just cover all your concerns by saying this… “Even if XYZ, I will still hope in him.”

Job needed better friends. But the thing is even if we, like Job, find our stash of “even though” friends depressingly empty, we have hope. Even if there is no one with us shouting that he is worthy of all that we are going through, Scripture tells us our lifted praise is not alone. Our voice shouting in the “even though” moments joins the praises that have gone on since the beginning of time. We join with the company of the angels and Saints singing “Worthy are YOU Lord!”

At Velvet Ashes, we know that where you are can feel lonely. Your “even though” friends may be continents away. Each year we plan and prepare to close that gap for you through our online content. And once a year we do that in a big way. The Velvet Ashes Retreat is coming soon!

Our worldwide, online retreat brings together “even though” women from all over the globe to be challenged, encouraged, and blessed. Join us this year as we celebrate the goodness of God in every crazy, awesome, terrifying, hysterical, gut-wrenching season of our lives.

You may have excuses as to why you don’t retreat. Let me “even though” you out of them.

Even though you are alone, you can retreat with us online.

Even though you are busy, you can do it anytime you want.

Even though you don’t do retreats, you will love this one.

Even though you hate people (you should probably get some help for this one), you can do this by yourself.

Even though you are in the darkest season of your ministry and you can’t imagine planning a retreat, we have planned everything for you.

What else? Nothing? Ok. It’s settled. Join the rest of your “even though” community to retreat together April 23-26. Early bird pricing and registration is open now!

Outside of saints and angels, we are the best community out there. See you soon!

Click on the button below to learn more and take advantage of our early bird pricing this week!

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