The Grove Prompt: Eden

Eden. Where humanity walked with God in the cool of the day. Where Adam was given creative space to name all of the animals. Where laughter was heard instead of tears.

Eden was a place of

  • communion
  • fun
  • learning
  • worship
  • connection

A friend is in language school, learning Chinese and in a recent update sent this fun quiz:

Can you guess what animals these are?

  1. long neck deer
  2. bag mouse
  3. ocean piglet
  4. bear cat
  5. standing goose

This seems so Eden, doesn’t it? Descriptive. Playful. Informative. Unfortunately, it also seems distant and foreign.

It’s where we’d like to gather as a community this first week of the year. Huddling like Eden Refugees and warming ourselves on the collective fire of God’s loving provision for us here, outside the garden.

Bring your comments and your blog posts to link up this week at The Grove, beginning Thursday 6pm EST.

Answers: (1. giraffe  2. kangaroo 3. dolphin 4. panda 5. penguin) Thanks Becky! And we’d love to hear animal names from your countries of service!

What do you think?

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