The Grove Prompt: Edge

During the Velvet Ashes Retreat, Corky—one of the speakers—talked about being afraid she would go over the edge. What would happen to her then? Wasn’t going over the edge to be feared above all else?

Her friend responded, “If you go over the edge, Jesus will catch you.”

This gave us, the editors, pause and we wanted to spend a week unpacking this idea of edge. Jesus spent time in the wilderness and was tempted and was pushed to the edge physically and spiritually. Later we know that part of his calling was to experience separation from his Father through death on our behalf. He too knows what it is like to go over the edge.

When scripture talks about us now being in Christ, how does that relate to this idea of edge. It’s going to be a rich week. Thank you for journeying with us as we walk up to the edge and look over. See you at The Grove, beginning Thursday at 6pm EST.

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