The Grove Prompt: Gift

This month’s themes center around the season of Advent – celebrating the story of God coming to be among us, rejoicing in the grace of His Presence, and this week, finding hope in God’s good gifts.

We are also sharing pieces of how Velvet Ashes’ story has intersected with your story, and rejoicing in ways Velvet Ashes creates space for us to be with Jesus and with one another. This is a place we rarely meet face-to-face, but find ourselves sitting with one another heart-to-heart through each other’s stories.

This week’s theme, Gift, brings us stories of God’s merciful gifts and the hidden gifts of experiencing this season in foreign places. At the Grove, we’ll hear the voices of several in our community of how Velvet Ashes has been a gift to them.

Also at the Grove, we’d love to hear from you how you have experienced the gift of understanding, of encouragement, of companionship through the various facets of Velvet Ashes.

You can also link up your blog posts at The Grove and share on Instagram with #VelvetAshes and #VelvetAshesGift.

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