The Grove Prompt: Home

If you look up “home” in the dictionary, you get the idea you can identify it by sticking a pin into a map. Such a simple word, a straightforward concept, until…

Until you’ve been transplanted into a faraway land that now feels familiar, among people with odd customs that now seem common.  Something shifts in your understanding of home.  It grows and deepens and widens and takes on the shape of people you love and places you not only dwell, but belong.

Go on this journey “home” with us this week.  Bring your posts and images to the Grove, and be in this place of belonging and understanding with your sisters.  See you Thursday 6 p.m. EST.


  1. Dawn Bishop January 18, 2016

    Home has been New Jersey as a child, Florida as older child and teenager, Georgia for college years, New Mexico for marriage and having babies, Albania in four different houses for raising children and releasing them, while returning every couple of years to the road in the US.  Home has no association with a building.  Home has no connection with the furniture or the food.  Home is relationship and feeling that your heart is in the His place for me.  Home is that special wall hanging that your friend made you before you left the country.  Home is that mug with coffee in a comfy chair preferable in the sun, if available.  Home is the smell of my husband.  Home is the favorite books that made the cut.  Home is the place you can cry because you can.  Home is that relaxed position on the couch. Home is that poster that has gone to each house.  Home is safe to argue it out and love again. Home is that special sugar spoon that your dear friends sent you.  Home is that lotion that you ration out and still can beat a couple drops out.  Home is that Bible.  Home is that letter that you’ve saved.  Home is full of people and their stories that we love.  Home has less and less strings attached, so we are prepared to go Home!

    1. Danielle Wheeler January 18, 2016

      Dawn, this is so beautiful, so real, and so relatable.  Thank you for sharing.

    2. Patty Stallings January 20, 2016

      I agree with Danielle, Dawn.  This is such a beautiful, relatable description of home.  So many things to say yes, yes to!  And then I found myself naming my own “markers” of home. Thanks!

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