The Grove Prompt: Personality

You, wonderful, glorious you.

More preciously the you that makes you, you. Your gifting. How you recharge. How you learn best. What you like to do in your free time. Why you find it a challenge to work with this teammate, but a joy to work with that one. Why this child can push your buttons like nobody’s business. Why you love hunting for a good bargain or will sit in a hospital room for hours or manage the finances in your home.

All of these aspects of you come under the personality umbrella.

How did God uniquely prepare you to live and serve in your context?

How has your personality been influenced by cross-cultural living?

How are your children’s personalities enhanced and being formed on the field?

All this and more this week. Join in the discussion this week in the comments. Show us on Instagram an aspect of your personality using #VelvetAshesPersonality. Bring your blog posts to the Grove.

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  1. Rachael September 18, 2017

    I never thought much of my ability to make friends quickly with a variety of people, or the fact that I have a “nice face”. Apparently, I look approachable, which can be frustrating on the street when I can’t understand the need of the person stopping me!
    However, a few months after a new teammate arrived, she mentioned wanting to be included in my “network.” I was confused. “You know so many people. I want to be included in them and meet them,” she said. Other teammates mentioned similar things, that they wished they had as many friends as I had!
    I thought about it for a long time. I hadn’t realized what a gift this was. I’m thankful.

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