The Grove Prompt: Thirsty

I am super excited about the line-up this week. We’re debuting a new writer, loving book club, hosting a guest that we haven’t had in awhile, hearing from an editor outside of The Grove, and linking up to drink up each others’ thoughts on being Thirsty.

And that’s kind of funny because this was a theme that sat empty for a good while. It was the last kid on the sideline waiting to join a team. We took it to the streets asking guests to come in so the table would be full.

There’s some poetic irony in there, no? Thirsty was parched, and when her cup got passed around, it ran over.

Come to The Grove (beginning Thursday at 6:00pm EST), you who have a post, come and pass the cup, and you who have no words, come and drink freely. Cheers, friends. It’s going to be a good week.


  1. Elizabeth January 10, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the background story to the theme Thirsty! I’ve never thought much about the word before, but it did appear in Sarah Bessey’s latest book “Out of Sorts,” as well as Amber Haines’ book, so I look forward to reading this week’s posts 🙂

    1. Kimberly Todd January 11, 2016

      Hi, Elizabeth! It’s fun to see the casting process, isn’t it? Thirsty is a bit of a low-lier, but it has my attention now so I’m noticing it everywhere, and I’m curious what the Spirit is saying.

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