The Grove Prompt: Welcome to Team

We’ve welcomed you to the field. We’ve welcomed you to living cross-culturally and to ministry life. This week we’re wrapping up our series by welcoming you to the beautiful beast called “team.”

There’s nothing quite like the joys or the headaches … I mean, challenges that come with working and living as a team overseas. This week, we’re going to be very real about team (whatever that looks like for you), because it’s an area that the enemy loves to target. We want to be an online community that breathes life into the community that is physically and daily right there with you. We want to help each other be the community God created his people to be.

Have you been following Kathryn Bronn, a member of our Instagram team? She moved to Costa Rica in early August and has been chronicling her adjustments to the field with us via Velvet Ashes Stories. You will be able to follow along and comment as she goes through her first month. (You can find the InstaStories along the top of Instagram.  Look for the Velvet Ashes Logo and join in the fun). If you’re not following us, now is a good time to start!

So join the discussion this week in the comments. Show us your team on Instagram with #VelvetAshesWelcometoTeam. Bring your blog posts to the Grove. What has God taught you through team living? If you’re experiencing deep frustration or heartache from team relationships, we want to hold you up in prayer. Email prayer requests here and our prayer team will pray for you.

What do you think?

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