A Message to My Girls {The Grove: Savor}

Hi Friends. I know it might seem presumptuous to pen a letter on God’s behalf but my hope is you will hear His wooing and bring Him glory by noticing and enjoying the good gifts He has for you today.—Patty

My holy and set apart Beloved,

I chose you. Yes, you. I tenderly counted the stitches, weaving you together in loveliness and mercy. I decided the particulars of your path. I wooed you out of darkness into My wonder-filled light.

I accomplish My purposes for you. In perfect faithfulness, I cause stunning turns in your path, things planned long ago. I am a refuge for you, a shelter, a shade. I lay out the richest feast and invite you to drink from My river of delights.

I so want you to know the height, depth, length, and broadness of my unfailing love for you. In every way that I stretch you, my compassion and comfort is already present, waiting for you. In every struggle, I am creating a counterweight of glory.

I turn your deserts into gardens, singing songs of hope over you, binding up your wounds, breathing healing into your aching.

I intend for you to grow in your understanding of My ways, so I lead you with kindness along unfamiliar paths, making rough ways smooth and darkness light. I give good gifts of mercy and hope. I pour all My fullness into your soul.

But I am saddened.

You hurry by the beauty I display for you. You rush past the peaceful shelter I prepare. You rarely pause to savor the sweetness I plan for your day. In your striving, you pay little attention to My affectionate care for you.

I long for you to savor both moments of quiet gentleness and moments of take-your-breath-away joy.

So, let’s make today different.

Let’s walk together, hand in hand, on the ancient paths. Let’s linger by the still waters and gentle coves of restoration. Let’s confide in one another while we stroll on a path fragrant with My lovingkindness and truth. Let’s soak in goodness and life.

I’ll be waiting with joy.

With unending fondness,



What might God be inviting you to savor with Him today?


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  1. Jodie July 13, 2017

    Beautiful post, Patty.

    1. Patty Stallings July 13, 2017

      Thank you, Jodie. Blessings!

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