This Week’s Theme: Telling Their Story

It is a privilege, a responsibility, a concern.

We steward the stories of the people around us, caretakers of God’s woven threads throughout their lives. We ask people to pray, share stories of celebration and victory, tragedy and loss.

Our position is so unique as we straddle two worlds, bridging the gap between them. This isn’t easy sometimes, and we struggle with what to share on social media or in newsletters, how to bring attention to needs while maintaining the dignity of all.

How do you tell these stories?

This week we are talking about ethical storytelling, diving into the ways that we tell the stories of the people around us. How have you wrestled with these concepts? We would love to hear from you this week.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


  1. Dana October 27, 2019

    Yes! These thoughts swirl around in my mind all the time. I think- would I want someone to write about ME in their newsletter without asking me? Honestly, sometimes I feel a little debilitated because I want to honor my local friends and their privacy and I don’t know how to do that well so I don’t share anything with my people back home… But recently I had some friends from our church visit us and I was fascinated when my local friend asked me if I’d like her to share her story with my friends. She had done it before and told me how it encourages her faith. I can honestly say in ten years of cross cultural ministry, that was a first! So many of my local friends would be blessed to know that there are people praying for them and concerned about their hardships… I think I could probably ask permission to share their stories more often than I do and I know there would be a greater Kingdom impact.

    1. Sarah Hilkemann October 28, 2019

      Dana, thanks so much for sharing these thoughts! I hope the blog posts and discussion this week prove encouraging and thought-provoking for you.

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