The HOW of it All (And Winners Announced!)

You know it’s coming. You know he’s got the ring. Maybe you even know what the ring looks like. But what makes you really sure of it all, is knowing down to your toes that this was meant to be. So it’s no surprise that he proposes, it’s the HOW of it all. It’s the HOW that takes your breath and woos your heart.

That was the way of Velvet Ashes. I think I always knew the money would come. I think I knew because of each divine fingerprint that was pressed into every step of this whole journey.  (Confession: in spite of all that, I do have to admit to a FEW moments of doubt. Sheepish cough.)  But really, it came as no surprise when Velvet Ashes reached it’s launch fund goal.

It was the HOW that left me gasping and teary.  The beautiful, glorious HOW of it all.


Sure it would have been cool if a rich person approached me on the first day of the Launch Fund and said, “Hey, I’ll pay for it all!”  But hands down, I would rather have it happen the way it did, with people from everywhere stepping out and linking their hearts with this dream.  Everyone gave their bits to say, “Yes!  We are for this!”  The co-editors and contributing writers rallied their people, who responded by saying, “Yes! We want this for all of you!”

People with teeny tiny budgets sacrificed to give big and grand.  Others said, “I’ve got literally no money to offer, but I am with you in this.”  Some people gave saying, “I’m going to bless this out of my abundance.”

Bit by bit the numbers grew, ending with a dramatic flair on the very last day.  GOAL REACHED.

Maybe I should say I squealed and clapped and did a happy dance.  But no, this was the sacredness of deep down glowing warmth, of washing dishes through tears, of breathing quiet after birth.

Because something has been born.  In the aftermath of money raising, a community of ladies now lays fresh on the Father’s chest.  And as my co-editor Patty says, “It appears He is crazy in love with this.”

And to that I reply with a hushed whisper, “Yes, yes, I believe he is.”

So to all who gave, to all who are believing with us, “Thank you.”  Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Now you can click on over to and subscribe to updates and launch news.  You don’t want to miss this baby’s first steps!

And the winners of the gift cards are:

Kimberly T. – $50 Amazon card

Amy J. – $20 itunes card

Congrats, Ladies!  I’ll be in touch!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to moving across the world.  Our departure day is August 21st! China, we’re comin’ back at you. Pray for us and these coming crazy days?  Thanks!


Photo Credit: Vandenn Krouch

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