This Week’s Prompt: Culture Shock

One of my favorite things in the world is to sit and swap culture shock stories.  There’s just nothing like them.  I love the laughter, the groans of understanding, and the blessed relief that comes in knowing, “I’m not the only one!”

Usually someone in the group of story swappers will end up saying something that is borderline disrespectful about the host culture.  (Some call it “culture bashing”).  Then there’s an awkward pause, and finally someone (usually someone who has gone through a few passports) will quietly speak up and say, “You know, the people here do that because….”

Those light bulb moments when suddenly things start to make sense, those are golden.

It’s equally as golden to acknowledge that there are things that will always bewilder us foreigners, that this is part of the beauty of our great big, incredibly diverse world.

That’s what we’re celebrating in this week on “Culture Shock.”  Here’s what’s ahead:

Today: Kayla Rupp tells of her experience in an earthquake.  Where are you in “Culture Shock”? In the initial shockwaves or feeling the slight tremors of aftershocks?

Tuesday:  We’re jumping into the stunning writing that is My Name is Asher Lev.  Join us for Book Club and the discussion that is always rich!

Wednesday:  Ashley Felder never fails to dish up goodness when it comes to stories and recipes.  Come see what she has in store for us this month!

Friday:  I’m over the moon excited to have beloved cultural expert Joann Pittman hosting The Grove for us this week.  You will NOT want to miss her “7 Things to Know About Culture Shock.”

Bring your comments and blog link-ups on “Culture Shock” to share at The Grove, beginning Friday morning 6amEST.

(Prayers appreciated as the family and I head back across the sea this week!)


Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

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  1. Kate August 12, 2014

    Another great topic!  And all of the best to you and your family as you embark on another round of goodbyes and culture shock .. Hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible!

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