This Week’s Prompt: Doubt

Guess how many countries are represented by the ladies in our ten Connection Groups that started this past week.  Close your eyes and take a guess.

Ok, now let me tell you…30!!

Women serving in 30 countries around the world are meeting sharing together each week in small groups for connection and encouragement.  This makes my heart just about burst.

Beautiful things are happening around here.  Have you seen the community blossoming over on Instagram?  Check it out and meet our Instagram manager Lauren Pinkston.  And all you tweeters out there can find us on Twitter with Twitter manager Jessica Hoover.

We’ve recently added Kimberly Todd  to our editor’s team and are thrilled to have her presence there.

I’m in awe at the growing tribe we are becoming.  This breath of hope called Velvet Ashes is literally reaching the ends of the earth.

This week things are about to get very real and vulnerable around here.  Because this week we’re providing a place to bring your doubts, and together we are going to rethink how we handle doubt.

Because maybe bottling up our doubts is killing us.  Maybe feeling guilty about our doubts just makes them worse.  Maybe we need to stop pretending like there is an answer to everything, and be okay that there’s not.

Maybe we need to find safe places to bring our doubts out in the open so we can wrestle them without shame.

Bring your doubts to a safe place called The Grove, beginning Thursday 6pmEST.  Bring your blog posts to link up or share with us in the comments.  We’re going to bring our doubts before a God who isn’t afraid of them.

And don’t miss the start of our new book for book club, An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.  On Tuesday, we’ll talk about chapter one, “Waking up to God.”  It’s going to be rich!


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  1. Lanette Breedt October 6, 2014

    I believe…….

    that doubt comes like a sneaky shadow and enfolds me with his darkness the moment I am  focused on what God wants me to do.

    Time and time again  I struggle with doubting my skills as an artist.  As I am an introvert it does not come natural for me to start a conversation. I struggle with the Italian language because I am not bold enough to try to speak it.  I doubt my  ability to be an overseas worker that God can use because this sneaky darkness left it’s fingerprints on my very being.

    In the very writing of this I face this sneakiness with the Light that comes from within, and I see it for who it is. None other than mister enemy himself trying to leave his fingerprints on my life to keep me  in the shadow of doubt…….

    My God is stronger and His Light  is brighter than any other!

    no doubt about that……


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