This week’s prompt: Seek

Maybe your knee-jerk reaction to this theme is the obvious. Jesus, follow the wise men and the humble shepherds to seek Jesus. Maybe you’re underwhelmed with the obvious.

And you would be right. But, in the rhythm of revisiting this story again at the turn of this new church year, maybe you’ll find Immanuel, God with you, where you didn’t notice him before.

Or maybe Seek is a dangerous word because you’re supposed to have found what you’re looking for. The certainties of your faith and their implications are supposed to be airtight. But, maybe the conditioned responses sound a little empty to you now.

“With my whole heart I seek you,” we pray and interpret the “whole” to mean entirely. I’ll seek you with all my heart, with an undivided heart. “Whole” also means intact, not damaged, broken or impaired. It’s sound, uninjured and unharmed. What is your heart condition this Advent?

Are you a seeker? Join us, a sisterhood of seekers, this week. Who, what, when, where, why do you seek? Bring your own blog post link ups to The Grove starting Thursday at 6pm EST.

What do you think?

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