This Week’s Theme: Bloopers

There’s nothing like a good blooper reel to bring on the belly laughs, right?

We all make mistakes, whether it is a misunderstood cultural cue, using an incorrect word with a very unintended meaning, or subbing in the wrong ingredient that ended in a hilarious but non-edible meal.

Yet, sometimes those bloopers are painful. Sometimes our mistakes follow us with a shadow of shame, or they point out an area of lives that needs tender attention. We might be able to laugh about them down the road, but right now we can’t.

We hope we can make space for both this week: the funny stories you’ve been saving up to share with a cross-cultural sister who gets it and the ones that need a hand squeeze and a tender smile of understanding.

So join us? You’ll find a spot for both of these stories in our blog posts this week. You can also jump into the conversation with your own posts on social media! Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesBloopers.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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