This Week’s Theme: Celebrate

This week we’re stringing a banner, we’re lighting a candle, we’re raising a glass.

This week we’re celebrating Velvet Ashes’ first birthday!  Did you know it’s been a year?  Yep, this Wednesday/Thursday marks the day (depending on your time zone, of course).  So get ready to come rejoice with us as we honor what Jesus has done in and through this community.

Because celebrating is important.  Have you noticed this about your host culture?  Have you seen how celebrations are the bond and life blood of a people group?

And have you seen in your own life that celebration is about the big grand moments, when cameras flash and the air hums with importance?  But that it’s also about the quiet choice to roll out of bed with joy?  To celebrate a new day, a new word learned, a friend made?  That an attitude of celebration, a constant acknowledging the goodness and grace of life in Christ, that THIS breeds the life you’ve always wanted…

Bring your thoughts on “Celebrate” to the The Grove.  Share with us what you’re celebrating in life these days.

We’ve got good things in store this week, including a giveaway and exciting announcements!  So don’t miss out.

Photo Credit: onlinejones via Compfight cc.

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  1. Happy Happy Hippo November 14, 2014

    […] week, the community at Velvet Ashes is celebrating its first birthday. It is a space designed for women living overseas or preparing to […]

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