This Week’s Theme – Commune {It’s Retreat Time!}

This is it!  Retreat time!

We currently have 787 women from 102 countries getting ready to commune with Christ in a personal spiritual retreat.  Are you one of them?  If not, register here!

Ideally you’ll want to take a full twenty-four hours to experience the retreat.  But if that’s not possible for you, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out!  You can space it out for what works for you.  Watch a few testimonies each day.  (They are incredible.)  Set aside a half hour to an hour for two mornings to do the Scripture meditations.  There’s an exercise video for you that is an amazing worship experience.  Then there is a powerful hour session video to conclude with.

A few ladies and I (Danielle) got to retreat together this weekend (to make sure it’s all ready for you!), and let me tell you, it exceeded all our expectations.  So many tears.  The Spirit of God was so present.  Our word for our time together was “connected.”  We left feeling so connected to God and to each other.  Every woman described it as exactly what she needed.  One woman said it was life-changing for her, a true break-through.  She went home and canceled her plans for the evening so she could tell her husband all about it.

All that to say, God has created an indescribable experience for us.  We want you to be a part.  He has renewal and hope and change he wants to bring you.

This week, the posts will prepare our hearts to commune with Christ.  Each of the Velvet Ashes Leadership team is going to be writing this week.  At The Grove and throughout the weekend, we’ll be sharing our retreat experiences and processing together.

This is the pinnacle week of our community this year.  Here’s our invitation to join us and commune with Christ.


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