This Week’s Theme: Expect

What are you expecting this Christmas season?

Are you full of joyful expectancy as you await the Savior’s birth?  Or are you struggling to merely make it through today?

This week we’re delving into the Christmas story, we’re meeting afresh the characters who made it real.

And come Wednesday, ladies, we are leaping out in audacious faith.  We’re looking straight into the eyes of the least of these, and we’re saying “We’re here for you.”  We’re daring to believe that together, Velvet Ashes can meet a need, that we can give gifts this Christmas season that will literally be life-altering for those that receive them.

If anything has me expectant this month, it’s this.

Then join us at The Grove at the end of the week.  We have a special guest, an excellent overseas cook, who is here to help make your holiday cooking a bit more do-able.  We all know how cooking in our foreign kitchens, trying to drum up some semblance of the goodness our tastebuds expect at Christmas time can put us in a… not-so-Christmasy mood.  So let’s collaborate, share our wisdom.

Bring your favorite Christmas recipe to share, the ones that can be done overseas!  

(Our own resident Velvet Ashes cook, Ashley Felder is taking a maternity break, as she awaits the arrival of her daughter!  We can’t wait to announce the new addition!)

And as always, bring your words, your heart, your art to The Grove on this week’s prompt, “Expect.”  Reading the link-ups each week is like a present in itself.  You all have so much goodness to share!!

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