This Week’s Theme: Grief

This week’s theme at Velvet Ashes is GRIEF.

I hear the groans. Really, do we have to talk about that?

Most of us are weary of grief.  It seems we are either walking in to or out of chapters of grief continually.  But you are not alone.  Your sisters here get it.  So, grab a cup of tea or coffee this week and find camaraderie, inspiration, and hope in the fellowship of grief.

Today, Kayla Lemon shares our familiar ache of grieving from a distance and the struggle to find closure when you are thousands of miles away.

Tuesday, we wrap up The Secret Garden and look at the theme of redemption (so enjoyed last weeks pictures of gardens!).

Wednesday, Beth Everett inspires as she shares  the process of letting go and how she and her family prepared to stay well as they said goodbye to their dear family friends leaving the field.

Thursday, Adora Palmer writes a tender letter to us about navigating the strange land of losing of her husband.

On Friday, it will be my first time to host at The Grove!  We invite you to share your own thoughts of how you’ve experienced grief and what you’ve learned.

Photo Credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood via Compfight cc

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