This Week’s Theme: Letters from Home

We are so, so thankful for the moms, daughters, grandmas and sisters (and dads and brothers and grandpas too) who cheer us on from home. They encourage, send care packages across countries and oceans, email pictures of snow when we are missing different seasons. They stand on the other side of security waving goodbye over and over, celebrate holidays without us, find ways to stay connected through video chats and letters and social media.

We want to hear their side of the story this week, because we know that holidays can be hard when we are separated. The posts this week are called Letters from Home, and we hope you will pause and reflect on what the women and men in your life would write to you if they could.

Will you take some time to thank them? Thank the moms and mother-in-laws and sisters who open up their hearts this week through the blog posts, but thank those people in your life who also sacrifice just as you do to see the Kingdom grow around the world.

Share your words of gratefulness on Instagram this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesLettersFromHome!

Photo by Siarhei Plashchynski on Unsplash

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