This Week’s Theme: One Word Check-In

When 2014 dawned in January, we as a community came together.  We each chose One Word for our year.  Just one word that we felt the Father wanted to press into each of our souls in 2014.  We joined the movement called OneWord365.  The conversation and link ups that flowed out of at this time at The Grove were truly something to behold.

The year is nearly half way through.  So it’s time to check-in.  How is your One Word going?  What have you been learning?

If the idea of One Word is new to you, then now is a great time to choose one!  You still have half a year to grow and  experience a One Word.

Today Amy Young is kicking off our week with questions to help you reflect on your One Word.  She’s also inviting you to join a monthly link-up on your One Word for accountability and growth.

Tuesday – “Loneliness: The Underbelly of a Life Overseas.” This will be our discussion at book club.  We’re loving this month’s book!

WednesdayKaren Huber will share about her word “Try.”  What do you do when you try and get rejected?

Thursday – We welcome first time contributor, Sarah Hilkemann as she talks about her word “Treasure.”  Feeling less than lately?  You’ll want to come read this.

Friday – We’re excited to have Alece Ronzino, the founder of OneWord365 back at The Grove to share with us!

Come tell us how your One Word is going.  We’ll see you at The Grove, friends.

Photo Credit: Khánh Hmoong via Compfight cc

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