This Week’s Theme: Prayer

Deep sigh…

Christmas is packed away.  The New Year’s been rung in.  And now… now it’s time to start living this year.

Perhaps you’re feeling it too.  An ache, a longing, an itch for… something more.  Something different.

Recently a woman asked us here at Velvet Ashes if we could talk about ways to creatively connect with God.  And we said, “Absolutely!”  God had already crossed our paths with just the woman to lead us.

Michele Perry knows what it is to walk in our overseas shoes.  She lived and worked in some of the poorest places on earth for the better part of a decade.  And now in a new phase of life, she’s being called to create.  As the founder of Sketch Book Prayers, she’s passionate about helping others tap into their creativity, to use art as a way to connect with God.

At The Grove this week, she’s going to help all of us do just that.

This week we’ll be exploring prayer, getting creative, opening up, and straight out praying for each other.

Then we’ll show up to The Grove together beginning Thurs 6pm EST.  What should you bring?  Whatever you have. Pencils, markers, children’s watercolors, or just a pen.  Just be ready to pray creatively. And let’s all agree to leave our self-conscious timidity behind.  My six year old can draw better than I can, and yet I am so excited to do this with all of you, to share our creative prayers together.

Hungry to be with the Father in a fresh way?  This week is for you.


Danielle for the VA Team


Photo Credit: Bravely You


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