This Week’s Theme: Should I Go?

Did you feel the longing last week? The heaviness?

Questions about staying or going are not simple. They can bring freedom and pain and a host of additional questions that weigh on our hearts and minds.

Last week we wrestled with the question, “Should I stay?” Now we will turn to the question, “Should I go?”

It might feel like a minefield, figuring out how and when to do home assignment or leave for the field as some borders open but others remain closed. In the midst of all that is happening in our world, how do you begin to make a decision to leave the field for good? What is it like when those decisions are made for you?

Thank you for sharing so honestly in the comments this last week! We are grateful for this space through blog posts and social media posts to hear from one another and open up our hearts. Let us know how we can walk with you as you ask, “Should I go?”


What do you think?

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