This Week’s Theme: Singleness

When we first brought up the topic of singleness here at Velvet Ashes, single ladies across the globe responded by saying, “Yes!  We need a place to talk about this.”

So this week is about you, ladies, about honoring your brave, strong, beautiful lives.  It’s about giving you a place to talk about the tough choices, the aches and the joys, the hardships and the freedoms.

Monday – We have Kimberli Kerstra sharing “The Tales of a Single Woman,” where she shares what it means to be single overseas.  I think you’ll relate.

Tuesday – It’s the introductory conversation about our next (FREE!) book, The Secret Garden.  If you’ve never joined us for book club before, here’s your chance!  We’re in for delight with this dearly loved classic.

Wednesday – She sacrificed a potential husband in order to live the life she felt called to.  Today Katie Davis is a young adoptive mother to thirteen African daughters.  She feeds and empowers the impoverished of Ughanda, and she does this as a single woman.  If you don’t know her story, you don’t want to miss it!

Thursday – Katherine Johnson shares how as a single woman serving overseas, she used her dinner table as a place for sustaining life and livelihood.

Friday – It’s the long awaited Part II to the oh-so-powerful post  Amy Young wrote  back in January when she talked about her singleness.  Join us Friday at The Grove where Amy will share the secret to her contentment.  Bring your blog posts and link up about singleness.

Do you know a single woman serving overseas who could use some encouragement this week?  Send her this way.

Photo Credit: kpwerker via Compfight cc

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