Top Ten Things to Enjoy this Summer (on a budget!)

I have been back in my passport country for quite awhile and I’m always discovering new things to do.  However, most things generally require time and money – two very precious commodities.  So my top 10 list contains things to enjoy this summer while on a budget.  Granted several of these options take research, but it’s well worth the time!  I hope this list gets the creative juices flowing!

10. Go to the local farmer’s market!  Even if you don’t buy any of the yummy, fresh goodness, it’s still incredibly fun to get out and see all that is available.

9. Movies in the Park – Many cities offer free movies in the park.  Do some research and see if your city does then make a picnic, grab a blanket and a friend or family member, and enjoy!

8. Foodie Walks or Taste of *your city* Days – Vendors giving away free (or much cheaper) food…what more could you ask for?

7. Free Museum Days – Several cities offer free museum days.  For example, the first Thursday of every month is free Children’s Museum day in my hometown.

6. Baseball Games – Teams (major and minor) will often offer value packs and afternoon game specials.  I just bought a Coca-Cola daypack and got the tickets, parking, hotdog, and coke for the cost of a normal ticket.  Good times!!

5. Go to the park – This is generally free and good for the soul!

4. Groupons and Coupons!  Groupons are online coupons.  With groupons you can try new things at a greatly reduced price – ex. yoga, tae kwon do, massages, painting classes, roller-skating, etc.  Take a look and see if you find anything interesting!

3. Visit the Library – the library is getting high tech these days and many times you can even check out Kindle books.

2. Food Factory Tours – Many food factories will give tours allowing you to see the process of creating some of your favorite foods.  I’ve been to the Blue Bell factory in Texas and the Celestial Seasonings factory in Colorado…samples are never a bad thing!

1. Softball Leagues – many churches and businesses are recruiting for their softball leagues.  Now is the time to join!  (Talent is not always needed)

Are you back in your passport country this summer or staying in your country of service?  Share with us what you’re doing for fun! 

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  1. Meagan July 7, 2014

    Enjoying being in my passport country – though it is winter here 🙂 My favourite budget activity is just going for a walk. Whether it be around the suburbs, the city or a parkland (found the most amazing wetlands with paved walkways near my parents). Often I grab a friend or family member and we talk. Other times I just explore alone, enjoying the fresh air and the things I see along the way. I have stumbled upon amazing street art, seen some beautiful nature and just appreciate some of the thing I miss when I am away. Plus I get to wear all my forgotten winter stuff and not sweat for a change.

    1. Amy Young July 7, 2014

      Meagan, I love this :). I enjoy walking too and wearing clothes I leave in the States. Tends to feel like an indulgent find, doesn’t it :)!! I hope your time “home” is refreshing and you’re getting in lots of fun walks!

    2. Danielle Wheeler July 7, 2014

      I love walks too!  So glad you’re with us from the Southern Hemisphere!

    3. Lizzie July 8, 2014

      This is so true!  I so often get so busy that I neglect going walks.  However, on those days that I get out and walk I find that it is medicine for the soul!

  2. Ashley Felder July 8, 2014

    With kids, I’m constantly on the hunt for cheap or free things to do. Some ideas: visit a berry farm and pick your own berries to buy, our small town has daily deals (similar to Groupon) for fun things to do locally, go to the fair!, PARKS…YES (we lack those in our service country). I know this is my-town specific again, but summertime seems to offer so many freebies or deals, one being a free movie every week for kids. I think so much is out there–we just have to dig a little! I’m sure there’s an app for that, too. 🙂

    1. Lizzie July 9, 2014

      There has to be a “fun things to do in my city on a budget” app!  I did just learn about $2 movies on certain afternoons for kids in our city as well.  Like you said, we just need to keep digging – after we go take a walk in the park.  🙂

  3. Amy Young July 8, 2014

    Ashley, I don’t know why your comment on “there’s an app” for that about made me laugh out loud. You’re right! But it clearly has not become my default thinking yet :). And yes, yes, yes to parks. I find I also like just looking at the sky (though i know that’s probably boring for kids!).

    1. Jennifer July 12, 2014

      The last week, since I moved to my new school what I have really enjoyed has been simply looking out the window, because when I do most of what I can see is either trees or sky… All the more amazing for being on a university campus in the middle of a big city.

      1. Lizzie July 14, 2014

        It’s amazing the things we can see when we stop and notice.  Things like the beauty of the trees and sky in the middle of a huge, bustling city.  Good reminder!

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