Two Little Words

Two Little Words

Think with me for a moment on the power of two small words. I do forges a lifelong commitment. Forgive me can turn enemies to friends. So long can potentially spiral a life into a blinding season of change. Love you creates a person to whom you belong. 

This week, our imaginations are being led to a field near Bethlehem, where some crusty keepers of the sheep were witness to a wonder no royalty had ever seen. In the moments following the most glorious birth announcement imaginable, I picture them sitting in silence for a bit, awestruck.

And then their silence is broken by two words:

Let’s go.”

Let’s go find that baby that we just heard about. Let’s not waste another minute on this hillside. Let’s go find that treasure!

And so they went, and they found him. Not in the way any King should be, but just as they had been told.

The shepherds’ “Let’s go” was only possible because those words had been spoken earlier. Not on a lone, forgotten hillside, but in the heavenlies.

Imagine with me as God the Father turns to God the Son, and says, “Let’s go.”

He’d been waiting for this moment, watching, grieving, rejoicing, longing. It had been years since those evening walks in the garden, and now, the time was right for the snake-crusher to appear. In the way that only the Infinite Triune can, God the Father and God the Spirit sent God the Son off to the land near Eden, and yet, because of their omnipotence and their oneness, they all remained near. Sometimes visibly swooping in like a dove, other times meeting Him in a secluded place of prayer, and always, except for that one haunting moment in history, always keeping watch.

And now, the fullness of time has come, and these two small words whirl the plan of redemption into action.

Let’s go.

He set the pattern. The shepherds were the first to follow. Since then, all throughout Christendom, so many other faithful witnesses have followed. And now we do as well. We, the Jesus-followers of 2018.

In our line of work, we often think of these words in relation to the moment we signed up for this life overseas. And that’s a part of it, for sure. I’m pretty certain no one has had an angelic experience quite like the shepherds, but I have heard some fairly dramatic experiences of people hearing God’s invitation. And for some of us, it comes as it did for Elijah- in a whisper. A whisper so faint we could almost miss it.

I remember the morning I heard the whisper. I was in my living room, early in the morning, preparing for a day in my classroom. For months I had been considering an offer to join a work overseas. And that morning, I knew.  It was nothing loud, flashy, or sensational, I just knew. Like a warmth coming over me, as if God was saying “I know this is something you’ve been wanting to do. Let’s go.”

Funny how I thought that would be the biggest, the hardest “Let’s go” I’d hear. And certainly, it has been the most dramatic. Moving continents is not something you can sneak into an afternoon plan.

But sometimes, when my heart is drawn to my neighbor across the street and I hear him say “Let’s go”, that seems equally hard to obey. Or when I’m tired and I just want to be alone, but I feel Him asking me to engage in relationship with the people in front of me. Or when I’m inching away from a teammate and He invites me to move back towards His child.

These little invitations, they can be hard.

When the shepherds responded, they found the baby, just as they had been promised. Yet wildly different from what they would have imagined for a king. I think our stories could all be pretty similar to that. Wildly different, yet as promised. And we leave richer for following.

For we have Him. The first one to go and the one who goes with us.

So, let’s go.

How have you heard “Let’s go” this year?  How has your life been richer for following His invitation?

Photo by Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash


  1. Sarah Hilkemann December 18, 2018

    Maria, thank you for sharing these thoughts with us! Going this year has looked so different than I thought it would- returning to my passport country, saying yes to totally new roles and work, and even re-thinking ways of connecting with people in my heart language instead of my adopted one. Sometimes it is the little yeses, the little ways we have to step out of our comfort zone or across the street, that can be so hard. I definitely want to keep pondering what you’ve shared! 🙂

    1. Maria Mullet December 19, 2018

      I completely agree with what you said about the little yeses being so hard! I heard some ladies discussing this on the Taking Route podcast once – how we can go all the way around the world but walking across the street to our neighbor is still such a hard move at times. Blessings to you as you wander this through re-entry!

  2. Michele December 19, 2018

    This is so beautifully written! I love that picture of the Father saying, “Let’s go,” to the Son! For me the big “let’s go” this year was from the flat I’d lived in my first six years here (the longest I’ve ever had one house in my adult life) to a part of the city that’s been on my heart for years… Very little salt or light and basically a red light area at night. I was surprised to hear it and even more surprised at how things fell into place, and probably most surprised by how ‘right’ it’s felt. Putting it back into the context of that great divine “Let’s go!” is a beautiful advent reflection for me! Thank you!

    1. Maria Mullet December 19, 2018

      Wow, sounds like a pretty big “let’s go” in your life this year! I’m encouraged to hear you following His lead into tough areas – I’m sure it’s not easy, but may you find Him in the unexpected!

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