What are You Holding?

I love the concept that God is holding us in the palm of his hand.

The comfort we have in the knowledge that he holds us is both miraculous and invaluable. Knowing that God is holding all of the pieces of our lives encourages us that no matter what comes our way, God has it in his capable hands. This is a truth that we can stand on wherever we are in the world, whatever situations are facing us each day.

I can look back over the years and see the songs, words, verses and moments that remind me how God holds us.

The words of the song “Held” by Natalie Grant brought our family through a very rough season when we lost my husband’s younger brother 9 years ago. Casting Crowns’ song called “Just Be Held” spoke peace to my very un-peaceful heart when we were living in France, going to language school and adjusting to life overseas.

Isaiah 43, Psalm 91, Psalm 139 and so many other beautiful scriptures speak life into these times. The promises of being held continued to resonate in my heart through our first term.

Even now, in this time of being stateside for a year long furlough, I’m resting in the incredible fact that he is holding me and I can just be held by him. But in believing that he holds us, there is another question to consider.

What are we holding?

More personally, what are you holding?

What are you clinging to in this moment?

What are you clasping tightly in your palm?

What are you wrapping your fingers around loosely yet still not having the strength to fully open your hands and let go?

A sticky team situation where you are sure you were right

A tough marriage moment when you made a mistake

A differing opinion with a friend or neighbor

A host country that doesn’t look anything like you imagined

A to-do list a mile long

A hurting child

An unfulfilled dream

It could be hundreds of things. Hurts, passions, rights, loves, divisions, or callings–things you are holding in your hand rather than allowing God to hold it for you.

I’ve been living this out as we go through our first furlough and head into our second term overseas.

I’ve been thinking about how much motherhood will change for me as we begin a season of boarding school for our girls, how open-handed my mothering hands must be over the coming years. I’m lost in the midst of packing lists, shopping for four years, doctors’ appointments, organizational reporting and stateside life. I’m healing from certain situations during our first term, both physically and spiritually.

Through all of these things, I know God is holding me, but how tightly am I holding all the other things happening in my life?

Am I giving them to the One who is holding me? Am I allowing Him to use, craft, build, heal and engineer it all?

Recently, while scrolling through my newsfeed, I came across a post written by a pastor’s wife at one of our supporting churches. Her post was my post. Her words spoke directly into this theme as I was preparing to write.

She was recapping her husband’s sermon after a very sad, difficult time at their church. Her husband asked some great questions about what we are holding: What are you holding in your hand? What are you holding in your heart? Are you allowing God to use what is in your hands to establish what he is doing in your heart?

She goes on to say:

“We ALL hold something… From the job you have, to the clothes you wear, to the money in your bank account, to your funny and witty personality, to your tender heart towards the outcast, to your compassion for children, to your unashamed honesty, to your gift of friendliness, to your skill with a sewing machine or with a piece of wood, to your intelligence, to your voice, to the members of your family, to your knack for organization… we ALL hold SOMETHING. In fact, I would say we ALL hold MANY things. Don’t let your blessings, your tragedies, your circumstances, your gifts, your talents, your abilities, and your possessions sit idly by. Use them to “establish” what God has placed in your heart.”

What a beautiful connection!

The things we hold, in our hands and in our hearts, can be used by God to establish what He is doing in us.

So, ask yourself these questions. Consider where you are in the “being held” process. Are you allowing God to hold you AND the things you are holding? Are you giving him access to the things being held in the quiet places of your heart?

What are you holding?

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  1. Cecily November 12, 2017

    Just now getting a chance to read this post.
    I have been passing through a dark season of disappointment and grief–facing (again) the reality that I will never be the mother of a child–one who is birthed within me. The Lord met me in this darkness, but in the midst of it I could not see His love for me. And, that was what made the season ever so dark. Now it is time for me to give Him this life-long dream rather than clenching it, and all its disappointments, in my closed-up heart. It is time to let Him hold it all–all of me, all my desires, all my disappointments, all my griefs–and to let His love have His way in me.

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