When God Whispers An Idea

Velvet Ashes is thrilled to be opening our early-bird Retreat registration in just two days! Maybe some of you have been considering hosting a Retreat gathering this year. Retreat hosts describe the experience this way:

“Velvet Ashes makes it so easy! All you do is push play!”

“It’s such a gift to host a retreat without all the hard work of putting the content together.”

Today we want to share with you the Lori’s story. Last year, Lori took a leap of faith by hosting a large gathering of women from multiple nationalities and languages. She went all out in planning, with decorations, translation, their own music, and more. Most Retreat Hosts gather in smaller groups and keep it simple. But God gave Lori this idea and then provided her with an amazing team to help. Here’s her story…

When God whispers an idea…. listen!

I’m happy to say I listened when God gave me an idea, and the result was amazing!

Back in April, I shared in a personal retreat day with other women using Velvet Ashes Online Retreat. Anybody could register for this retreat, but it is especially designed for women who serve cross-culturally. The idea occurred to me that this could work for the larger group of women in the expat community here in Cameroon. At the time I had NO IDEA what an undertaking I was about to begin.

Since we live and work in a bilingual community, the first thing I had to do was find translators. God provided, of course, but then he just kept bringing people to me, some of them before I even knew I needed them. I’ll tell you about our star beautician because the results of her work were amazing!

Included in the retreat package is a video of DIY beauty treatment ideas. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to lead that (not having time or experience)! But God knew that Helene was the right gal for the job! He put her in my path three times in the day when I was deciding what to do about this part of the retreat. So, I asked her. Helene is already pretty, but some of that beauty is brought out because she puts lemon juice and grey clay, among other interesting things, on her face on a regular basis! She explained to us what this variety of God-given items (honey, tomatoes, milk, avocado) could do for our complexion and then we gave it a try. Yes, I put grey clay on my face! It was a great way to end the day.

One of my personal hurdles in this life is the techy world that we tend to function in. Computers and I only get along out of necessity. So when God arranged to have a family here to help in aviation for 6 months He already knew that I would rely on Jodi! Not only does Jodi know airplanes but she is part of a team that puts on retreats for others around the world in our organization and she stepped up to help me. Boy, was I delighted when her response to me stating that my biggest challenge would be the technical side of things was, “I’d love to help with that!”

I must tell you about one more person God brought to me. Since she’d already done this retreat, Abby, our worship leader, came to me to offer her skills leading music. It was a gift to experience her music. It was a blessing to her as well because she enjoys leading worship for just women. She says that there is just something special about it. It is just one more example of how God moved to bring this retreat together.

We ended up blessing more than thirty women coming from a variety of nationalities. I say, “we,” because it certainly took a team. I had seven translators, a few language checkers, a media guy (he probably had no idea what he agreed to either! But I’m sure glad he did), one tech gal, a decorations team, one gal to purchase chocolate (very important job in the end!), one lady bringing supplies, one musician, one volunteer beautician, several center managers and janitors for room preparation and meal preparation, and a host of prayers!

I hope you and I will remember to listen when God whispers.

It’s incredible to see how God brought this team of people together, each using their passions and talents to create an amazing Retreat.

Have you thought about hosting a group retreat experience? Are you a “go all out” kind of gal? Or a “keep it simple” girl? The Velvet Ashes Retreat is perfect for both!

Velvet Ashes makes it easy to host a group experience by providing you with all the content. You can choose a schedule that works for you, anything from a two-hour gathering to a weekend away. Sign up here to receive our Host Guide. We have everything all planned out for you.

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What inspired you or encouraged you from Lori’s story? When have you listened to God’s prompting and seen an incredible result?

Photo by kayleigh harrington on Unsplash

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