When the Road is Rocky: A Resource

road gets rocky

Today we get to hear from Curtis, the executive director of Godspeed Resource Center (GRC). We hope you will find the information about this valuable resource helpful!

Curtis, thank you for joining us today! Can you share a little bit about GRC and how you guys got started?

GRC is the product of two organizations (MRC and Godspeed) joining together in January of 2015. Both provided care for global workers as their focus. For nearly 20 years, MRC served those global workers returning to the U.S. by providing a network of housing, medical referrals, and practical helps. Godspeed served those on the field through psychiatry, counseling, and workshops for about 24 years. When GRC was formed, it was evident that the amount of resources in the U.S. had increased over the years, and more care was needed for global workers while they were serving overseas. So this is where we at GRC have focused our efforts for the past four years in exclusively serving those working cross-culturally through mental health services.

Can you tell us a bit more about the resources GRC has to offer to overseas workers?

We provide secure professional online counseling and psychiatry for global workers and their families who are living and serving cross-culturally anywhere there is an internet connection outside of the U.S. Our staff are licensed/credentialed in the services they provide, and the vast majority of our staff have worked or lived overseas. Our online services are conveniently delivered to you at your home or office through our HIPAA-compliant encrypted video-conferencing platforms. The process to get help from GRC is easy and starts at our website, www.godspeedresources.org. You will find our secure online Service Request Intake Form and answers to many of your questions. Complete the secure online form to start the process. We will review your form and match you with one of our licensed counselors or psychiatrists who will meet with you for an Initial Assessment and go from there.

Do you have any stories of how GRC has had an impact in the cross-cultural worker community?

Community development, orphans well-loved and cared for, children educated, medical care provided for the vulnerable, teenagers rescued from human trafficking, economic and business development for impoverished communities, English taught as a second language, families thriving: these are happening around the world today by people who have received care from GRC. One woman shared that GRC’s online counseling enabled her family to remain in their work in another country, which led to significant linguistic work being completed and children being educated. She also mentioned that her family saved thousands of dollars by not needing to fly to another country to receive the help they needed.

The global workers we get to work with are making a significant impact in the world, truly making it a better place. When we can provide them with secure professional online counseling and psychiatry, it enables them to remain in their work and place without disruption. Without each of them fulfilling their calling, the world would not be as it should. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Velvet Ashes community?

Serving cross-culturally is stressful with many challenges and rewards. You probably tend to everyone else’s needs first: nationals, teammates, spouses, children, friends, etc. Eventually, you run out of steam, hit a wall, or feel lost, confused, guilty, or ashamed. You are the reason that GRC exists. Let us help you navigate the challenges of being a global worker and fulfilling your calling to your work and family with joy, peace, and grace. 

To help you get started, GRC is offering a Free Initial Assessment session ($200 value) for counseling and psychiatry for everyone who completes the online Service Request Intake Form by the end of August 2019.

Curtis, thank you for sharing about GRC and for this generous offer for those in our community!

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