Which Way Are You Gazing? An Invitation to Reflect

Because we are group of global women connecting across all the time zones, many of you have already crossed the threshold to a new month. The rest of us aren’t far behind.

Where did you see Jesus this month?

Ann Voskamp said, “Whatever way you gaze – grows greater. Pay attention to Love – and you are loaned more Love. Pay attention to the good and the beautiful – and you buy your soul more good and beautiful. Attend to God – because this is the best way to tend to your own soul.”

It matters where we focus our attention. So often I can get caught up in my to-do list, rushing from one thing to another. Here’s an example.

Trips to the local market were part of daily life in the village and I had my routine down like a well-oiled machine.

Exit the front door with my teammate and avoid eye contact with eager moto taxi drivers hanging out across the street until the gate is locked.

Signal our usual driver and hop on the back of his moto for the quick drive over dirt roads to the market.

Add veggies to the waiting pan, smile at the comments that we like to buy the “foreign vegetables”. Eggs. A fresh loaf of French bread. Maybe splurge on fruit, decide if we want to figure out how to use a whole chicken.


My to-do list dictated the morning steps, pulling my eyes away from the stories and everyday lives of the people around me. The tasks needed to be completed, food needed to be purchased for whatever meals we would attempt to make for the day.

But in my hurry, I missed the opportunities to see Jesus.

Did you see him this month, sisters? Or like me, do you need the reminder to slow down, turn your gaze outward and upward so you can listen, linger, love?

Here’s your invitation as we end one month and move into another. Grab your journal (or any blank piece of paper) and your favorite pen. Brew a cup of tea or order something you love from your favorite roadside stand.

It helps me to clear my head if I sit for a minute, take a deep breath. Then begin to look back over this past month. What happened? Like super practically, bullet-point list style. What took place this month?

Next, make a list of what you are grateful for. Sometimes when I’m rushing around, I miss the gifts and pausing with pen and paper can bring a smile to my face as I notice them.

What invitations did you sense from God? Were there doors you walked through that you didn’t acknowledge were opened at the time? Did you say a firm yes or a gentle no to something? Are there interactions or conversations that were especially meaningful?

If you get really honest, what you are hoping for in the coming month? What are you talking to God about right now? You can write out those prayers as you process.

Perhaps as you reflected on the month, you were able to see patterns. Which way are you gazing? What has your focus?

There’s no judgment, and I hope you sense the invitation to be curious. I hope you can look back with fresh eyes to see how God met you, worked in ways you wouldn’t have imagined, and delighted in you in the sweetest of ways this month.  

If you feel up to it, I would love to hear how you saw God working and loving you this last month. As you reflected, did a story come to mind that you had forgotten about? Is there something you want to focus on as you move into a new month?


  1. Anni Gooder June 1, 2022

    Wow! This was such a timely reminder. I often forget to reflect on the beauty of Jesus and savor the little moments. This can be just as sacred as our ministry times in what it does for our hearts.

    1. Sarah Hilkemann June 6, 2022

      Anni, yes! I think God can speak in such sweet ways as we reflect. 🙂

  2. Phyllis June 3, 2022

    Thank you for this. I will plan to set aside time to think over your questions on Sunday afternoon….

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