Word Prompt: Fear

We’re about to start something here.  Something that’s been brewing since this post.  Beginning this month, we’re going to go on a very intentional journey here at Velvet Ashes.  One that will take us to deep and tender places, one that will, I believe, leave us changed and holding firm to Hope.

This week we’re looking down at our wrists.  We’re looking straight at those shackles that hold us tightly, those fears that bind the soul.  For some, fear is that big, looming THING.  For others fear is the nearly invisible lens, so imbedded you don’t know it’s there, but it is, and it’s guiding your every move.  For others fear is that anxious ball, layered larger and larger through the stress of each day.

The thing is, we ALL HAVE IT.  Though we are admired as brave and strong for what we do, there’s not one of us who isn’t doing it scared.

Maybe, just maybe, hiding our fear isn’t helping.  Maybe in our safe place, we need to unveil fear and see what happens.

Some people have recently done just that.  And they are among those that you would least expect.  The ones we think have it all together.  Glennon Melton recently hosted a series called, “The Sacred Scared.”  And, my word, you will not be able to stop reading.

You can see what happens when people open up about their insecurities, their fears, the empty places of their souls:

Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, and Day Five.

Think on that this week, and then you and your fear show up on Friday at The Grove, ok?

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  1. Elizabeth March 4, 2014

    I think I’ve only in the past few months been figuring out what my deepest fears are. . . I haven’t participated in the Grove yet, but I think I just might this Friday . . .

    1. Danielle Wheeler March 4, 2014

      So glad, Elizabeth!!  I’ve been hearing this from others too.  I think the Spirit’s moving, and something special is in store this week at The Grove…  See you there!

  2. Bella Wisham March 4, 2014

    This one of the many poems I have created. It’s called Fear At The Start:

    Fear at the start,
    Is a pinprick to the heart.
    Then it mocks the mind,
    Which creates more of its kind.
    Up goes the soul in fright,
    Down goes the body’s might.
    Fear at the end,
    Is when relief and sweat blend.
    Courage comes without thinking,
    And impulses come without blinking.
    But how can you shake fear from the start,
    When it stings like a pinprick to your heart?

  3. Danielle Wheeler March 6, 2014

    Bella!!  This is amazing!!  I had no idea you had such a gift!

    Hey, can you post this again over here: https://velvetashes.com/the-grove-fear/? (It will be live Fri 6am our time).  That is where everyone will be sharing on “fear,” and I definitely want everyone to see this!

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