Everything You Need to Know About Our 2021 Online Retreat

Everything You Need to Know About Our 2021 Online Retreat

Today is the day, ladies!

Velvet Ashes’ early bird registration for our 2021 Online Retreat is officially open! If you are one of the many retreat devotees around here, you’ll be running, not walking, over to the registration page to grab your low early bird price. Because doesn’t it feel like ages ago that we did our 2020 Online Retreat?!  

If you are new around here, or you want the details about what’s included in this year’s retreat, read on! 

Our Velvet Ashes Online Retreat is the highlight of the year for our community. All around the world, we retreat right where we are, some of us in solitude and some of us in groups. It’s our rhythm of rest and renewal, a time we set apart to be with Jesus. 

We have some fun stories about the places women have found to retreat. We’ve retreated in tree houses, ships, thatched roof huts, and even a “hotel at the end of the universe.” Most of us end up at a tamer AirBnb. Many simply get away to their own bedrooms to retreat at home with a “do not disturb” sign posted. Whatever place you find to retreat, you will be so glad you did.

Velvet Ashes has designed and created all the resources for an entire spiritual retreat just for you. We keep the preparations and supplies super simple. This year’s retreat is designed as a 40 hour (2 night) retreat. We highly recommend planning for this timeframe so you can fully enjoy all this retreat has to offer. For those needing a shorter time frame, we also offer suggested schedules for a one night (30 hour) retreat, and a full day (13 hour) retreat.    

If you would like to do a group retreat, we have a Host Guide that has everything planned out for you. No experience is needed to host a group retreat! Simply invite ladies you know to be part of this with you. We know that we are all living with various levels of COVID restrictions, so this year we’ve included a special section in the Host Guide for hosting a virtual group retreat.  

God always gives us a powerful theme for each retreat. Each year’s theme becomes our favorite, and this year is no exception! We couldn’t be more excited about how the Holy Spirit is going to move in us and touch us with our theme: 

“Invited in the Season of your Soul”

Together, we’ll move through the rhythms of seasons, discovering their spiritual significance. You’ll explore the season of your own soul and listen for God’s personal invitations to you in this season. 

We know you want to know, so here it is! Your 2021 Online Retreat will include: 

  • Entire series of short videos to guide you through the spiritual seasons
  • Printable/digital retreat guide to lead you through intimate times with God
  • Worship session including new and old favorites
  • Art video and project by @hollandavenuehome with a simple supply list
  • Movement video led by @create_space_melissa
  • Testimony videos of stories from women around the world
  • Instrumental music by @eineblumemusic. VA’s own favorite album re-released with all-new music 
  • Digital goody bag to make your retreat extra special
  • Private Retreat Facebook Group access for sharing in community
  • Private Retreat Host Facebook Group for support and ideas for hosting
  • Debrief webinar to process your retreat experience    

You’re invited! Come experience all of this in the presence of Jesus as you retreat. Our early bird rate is good this week only, until Friday, February 26. Retreat with our global community April 23-25. Retreat access opens April 9th and ends May 21 (or purchase lifetime access!). 

Click on the button above to register!

Share with us in the comments. How many Velvet Ashes Retreats have you done? What would you say to someone considering a VA Retreat for the first time? 

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