A Liturgy for Seasons of Lament

My soul is downcast

O Lord

And the weight of lament

Is heavy in my bones

I long to be free of it- 

To cast my sorrow off 

Like a dirty garment- 

And yet,

I sense you here in the sorrow

Not leading me out of it

But walking me through it

For there is a work of the soul

That can only be accomplished

Through brokenness.

Merciful God

My heart echoes the cry of the Psalmist:

“From the ends of the earth,

I cry to you for help

When my heart is overwhelmed”1

For my heart is surely 

Overwhelmed with grief

And I confess that 

My flesh longs to find comfort

In earthly things

But my only true help

Is in you.

Guide me, Holy Spirit

In this season of lament

That I would not let my grief

Turn to cynicism or apathy

But that you would break my heart

For what breaks yours

And then restore my brokenness

That I might become

A more accurate reflection of you,

A more Spirit-led agent of change

In the brokenness around me.

When the tears are too many

And can’t be contained

When the words are too complex

And can’t be spoken

When the pain is too great

And can’t be concealed

Let your Spirit intercede for me

And let me find solace in

Knowing that 

You bottle every tear

You know every thought

You heal every wound

For in your presence

Nothing is wasted

And all is redeemed.

Let this season of lament

Be a season of drawing near

To you, Merciful Christ

Who wept over the lost sheep of Israel

Who weeps over the lost with me now

And who promised that on this earth, 

Though we would have

Many trials and sorrows,

We can take heart 

In the midst of them

Because you,

Victorious One,

Have overcome the world.

1. (Ps. 61:2)

Photo by Vitaliy Rigalovsky on Unsplash


  1. Grace L November 14, 2021

    Thank you, Heather, for this Liturgy of Lament. I have just copied it to give it to our 96 year old neighbor across the street. We do a weekly Bible study with him and he is really struggling with some sorrows and grief. I think this will minister to him.

    1. Heather Fallis November 15, 2021

      I pray that it does! Thank you for sharing the liturgy with him. May God bring comfort to his heart through your kindness.

  2. Andrea November 18, 2021

    Thank you.

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