An Advent Invitation

Do you feel it during the Advent season? The greater weight of others’ expectations? Am I doing all the things to let my loved ones know my care for them at Christmas? While at the same time keeping up with the daily demands of life?

As I hustle to do all the things, I’m also supposed to be having a deeply significant spiritual experience during Advent. The beauty of Advent that was too long lost to the Protestant world is making its comeback. Now you can find all the Advent devotionals, all the playlists, all the calendars, all the crafts, all the things to make these 25 days of December both beautiful and meaningful.

But what if it’s not feeling especially beautiful or meaningful? What if I long for a deeper connection with God, but I don’t know how to get there?

If Advent is about waiting, what if I feel like I’m waiting for something that never actually comes?

That, friends, is the tension of Advent, isn’t it? We cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus” to celebrate his coming to earth, but at the same time it’s a cry for him to come back. Come back and take this heaviness away from my heart, this weariness from my soul, this brokenness from the world. Come, Lord Jesus. We’re waiting.

There in the waiting is the mystery of Advent. We wait in the in-between of his first and second coming. He came, and he is coming. But also, he is here.

He is present to me in the form of his Holy Spirit. Fully seeing me, fully knowing me. Fully Immanuel – God with me.

If you are longing for some sacred space to experience Immanuel – God with you – this Advent season, I invite you to join me for Velvet Ashes’ first ever Advent Mini-Retreat. Give God and yourself the gift of 90 minutes. I’ll guide you through a time prayerfully crafted for you and God to be together in the significance of Advent.

Whether you are waiting in weariness this Christmas season or basking in the most wonderful time of the year, this sacred space is for you. God waits for you. He waits for you to turn your face to him. He waits for you to open your heart to him. He waits for you to be present to him, to listen to what he has to speak into your soul this Advent season. 

We hope you can join us for the specialness of the Mini-Retreat live on December 11 at 9:00 am Eastern. If you can’t make it at that time, the recording will be available to you throughout the month of December, and it will still be a sacred space for you and God. Register for both the live and the recording here.

What do you need for this Mini-Retreat? Just some quiet-ish space, plus your journal (hey, some scrap paper works too!), and a candle if you have one. Comfy clothes are welcome, you won’t be on camera. You can bring a cozy warm drink to sip, or your left-over cold coffee. Come as you are. Come and receive from the One who waits for you.

What emotions are you experiencing this Advent? Are you longing for some sacred space to experience Immanuel?

Register by clicking on the button above.

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