How Can We Pray For You?

In a week where we are intentionally looking at prayer we don’t want to just talk about prayer, we want to pray together! In the comments please share requests and areas we can rejoice with you — also know you are invited to share as much or as little as you’d like. Please come back as more prayers are added and pray for each other by either commenting “I prayed” or writing out a prayer. All forms are welcome! No pressure to pray like others, this isn’t about how we pray or words we use. It’s about praying for each other.

A prayer for Velvet Ashes based on The Lord’s Prayer


Our Father in heaven, above all of the countries we serve in

hallowed be your name in every language,

your kingdom come to the places we live and love,

your will be done in our hearts, our homes, our cities,

as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread, as it’s tempting to get ahead of You and ourselves.

And forgive us our sins, against teammates, family members, local friends, supporters, and the cultures we live in

as we also have forgiven those who sin against us, needing you to keep our hearts tender.

And lead us not into temptation, to judge one another, to be jealous of one another, to gossip against one another

but deliver us from the evil one, who is the Father of Lies, again we ask, deliver us.

For the kingdom,
the power and the glory are yours.
Now and for ever.



How can we pray for you? 

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  1. Ellen Benefield January 7, 2015

    I want prayer. Ministry is good. House is good. Husband is good. Kids are good. I have nothing to complain about except that I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to be an M anymore.

    1. Amy Young January 7, 2015

      Dear God, as I look at this picture Ellen has posted with her request I see in it an invitation from you and your deep love for her. The bench saying, “Come sit with me. Let my light warm you and see the petals I have scattered to add color to your life just because I love you.” God I thank you that much is going well for Ellen — thank you for her kids and the state of her marriage. God, we ask for wisdom and discernment for Ellen and her husband as they pay attention to this weariness. Is this a time you are redirecting their family? Are you seeking to grow and using her feelings as the birthing pains? Are you wanting to remind Ellen that your love for her is not based on location or title? That she could be any where doing anything and you would love her the same? I don’t know God, but we trust in your knowing and leading and guiding. Thank you that we can bring our sister before you and know you hear our prayers. In the name of Jesus and with a cyber hug, Amen.

    2. Kristina Krauss January 7, 2015

      Praying for you right now Ellen. God give Ellen what only you can provide, the desire to continue.

      I recently went thru something similar this year. I had some family leave the m field, and a best friend pass away right here, and I found myself not wanting to continue. I was just slowly putting one foot in front of the other.

      But my Christmas present from God was Him lighting a fire in me again. My husband says to me now, “wow. I have my wife back.”

      I don’t know how it happened that slowly I didn’t want to do this anymore, but here I am on the other side of the valley…. ready to take on the world again.

      Praying for you right now as you go thru that valley.

    3. T January 8, 2015

      Praying for you Ellen, feeling like I should write to you that it is good that you wrote this here.  That your Father says your feelings are okay.  That He cherishes you and wants to hold you and that He doesn’t care what you do or don’t do ‘for Him’.  That He likes you because you are His daughter.

    4. Cecily Willard January 10, 2015

      I am praying, Ellen, for a passion for Jesus in your heart.  I know that you love Him, so I am praying for a new fire in your heart, a new spark of joy, and a place deep in your heart that cries when you realize anew, day by day, His deep, deep love for you.  He thinks you are amazing, and He is proud of your strength.  He knows the struggle, and He wants you to bring it all to Him.  Psalm 68:19 says that He daily bears our burdens.  So I pray that every day you will bring to Him your burdens, all of them, and that you will find a resting place in Him.  He knows all the reasons why you don’t want to anymore, but He wants you to come to Him and speak with Him about it.  Then He can speak truth in the place of lies and pour in His light in the places that are dim.  He loves you so much.  He’s not disappointed by the “I don’t want to”.  He says, “I hear you.  Come and let’s talk about it.  I have something I want to say to you, My Love.”

    5. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Wow. I felt these prayers this week. Thank you. This is an incredible community. Especially the word about a new fire inside. Yes! That’s what I need exactly. Thank you.

      1. Amy Young January 12, 2015

        Ellen, thanks for letting us walk with you a bit 🙂

  2. Jean Young January 7, 2015

    I know the feeling of not wanting to do it anymore. I am an M doctor in northeastern Ghana. I have a barely competent hospital administrator with a drinking problem, a hospital matron who has a “retirement” state of mind and who only works a few hours a day, and a young rebellious staff. Oh, and did I mention our local politicians, who are trying to criticize as much as possible because they want to bring in a government hospital so they will get lots of money from contracts? Oh, and my husband has been struggling with depression brought on by one of his blood pressure meds.

    I love medicine and surgery but there are times when I wonder if God really loves me. I just got an update from a colleague in India who is in a well-run hospital where he gets to function as a surgeon. And I ask God, why? Why must I struggle this way? And the answer that echoes back from my early days of surgery training is this: Anyone can do the easy ones. Anybody can handle the easy stuff. But it pleased God to bruise Jesus. If we are going to truly follow Him, shouldn’t we expect to be bruised occasionally as well?

    Sisters, let us all pray for one another, that God will send revival right where we are, and that the power of God will be manifested in our homes and in our lives. And let us not grow weary in well-doing, as it says in Galatians 6:10. Hang in there! And keep focusing on Jesus. For now, let us focus on following in His steps and keep praising Him one step at a time. Someone once said that “it isn’t a sacrifice of praise until it is pushed out through clenched teeth.” And trust me, there have been lots of “clenched teeth moments” around here recently!

    There are days when I don’t want to be an M. This Christmas was rugged for me emotionally. Reading about everybody else’s fancy Christmas gatherings on Facebook at times was quite painful. Our Christmas was as plain as it could be! But the question is really this: do I want to please Jesus? And if Jesus has called me to be an M, am I willing to be obedient, knowing that my obedience will please Him? And if I say “yes” to obedience, then all I must do at that point is to follow, trusting that my burden will lift and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel that is not on the front of an approaching train.


    1. Amy Young January 7, 2015

      Oh God, as I read Jean’s requests and all she, her husband, and their staff is facing I want to shake my fist at the Evil one and shriek at the injustice. Is it too much to ask that one who loves medicine be able to use it to help people? Is it?! Where are you when the corruption is rampant? And the people who need medical attention can’t get it? Why do some places have more than others? Why? Why? I thank you for the ways you modeled throughout scriptures lamenting and raw prayers. God, we would ask for Jean and her husband an extra measure of grace and peace and mercy today. We ask that you see each person she works with and find ways to reach out to them — for the administrator to stop escaping through alcohol and for the matron to be infused with a desire to finish her season of work well and for these young rebellious staff to be given hope that their work matters.

      God I pray against the deflating envy of knowing the realities that some hospitals are going to be better equipped, staffed, and run than this one. Instead, I would ask that you would bring people alongside Jean to find small ways to make a difference and to be your body to her and to remind her of your great love for her and your great love of justice and the ways you will make it right in the end.

      There are so many things to pray and we thank you you never tire of hearing from us and that you will take these prayers and hear them and in ways we may not see, be at work. I prayer for Jean to feel supremely loved, seen, and enjoyed by you today. Amen!!

    2. Kristina Krauss January 7, 2015

      wow! I love that… “light at the end of the tunnel, that is not on the front of an approaching train.” jejejeje Thanks for your encouraging words. I pray too that we could hang in there, even in the hard situations.

    3. T January 8, 2015

      God, I pray specifically for the hospital administrator and the matron and the rebellious staff…please do something new for your Glory and for the enjoyment of Jean and her husband!   We thank you for them and their striving to remain faithful despite very difficult circumstances.  Give them wisdom and understanding beyond themselves.

    4. Cecily Willard January 10, 2015

      Jean, may you know the deep, deep love of Jesus.  He knows the sacrifice.  He knows the discouragement.  He sees the suffering day after day.  And He knows your heart.  He knows why you came and He knows why you stay.  He knows that you love Him, and you love His people.  He knows that you want to give and to serve, and He knows how hard it is to continue.  But He also knows how deeply He loves you and cares for you, and He wants you to know His presence with you in the struggle and His deep, deep love that carries you, that doesn’t ignore you, that upholds you.  Come and cry to Him.  Tell it all to Him, every day.  Give Him your frustrations.  Pour it all out, for it is a pleasing sacrifice.  He holds a great reward for you, and part of that reward is the daily conversation He wants to have with you.  He is ready to embrace you and to hear your voice.  And He is ready to speak to you and to encourage you.  “Cry out to me,” He says.  “Come with all of it, all of the weight, all of the hardship.  Come and bring it here to me where you will see and discover my deep, deep love for you.”


    5. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Jesus, I ask that you protect Jean. Shield her. Guard her. Carry her. If we are in a war against darkness, we know that Jean is on the front lines. Give her a spiritual bullet-proof vest.

  3. cs January 7, 2015

    Pray with me that God would reveal my next step

    1. Amy Young January 7, 2015

      God, I’m reminded of Psalm 119 where you say your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. You help us to keep our focus right in front of us, at foot level, and not too far beyond. God, would you please reveal your next step for CS to her? Would you show her the direction you are lighting the path you want her to take? Would you help her to rest assured in it, knowing she heard from your holy spirit? Thank you Jesus for hearing, loving and guiding her. Amen

      1. CS January 8, 2015

        Thank you,Amy

    2. Cecily Willard January 11, 2015

      CS, as you are praying and awaiting the Lord’s direction, may He fill your heart with peace.

      “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  So, when you pray, let your heart rest in His peace.  He hears you, and He wants to guide you 🙂

      Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”  May you be able to rest in this wonderful promise!

      1. CS January 12, 2015

        Thank you, Cecily

  4. Pam January 7, 2015

    In 3 weeks my husband and I will leave the city we have been learning language in. We will move to a very remote area in Northern Thailand to begin our work. We are no where near fluent and we will be the only English speakers. I am anxious about this.

    Also, my sense of comfort will be tested. I am a city girl. I have never been far from a grocery store. I have never been far from a restaurant that serves western food. Internet access will be spotty. I am going to be stretched. Part of me is excited about this, but deep down, I am anxious.

    Please pray that I would be reminded of God’s presence during this transition. Also that I would find joy in new habits and routines.




    1. Amy Young January 7, 2015

      Father for our sister Pam and this upcoming move … we pray! Though she may not be fluent in the ways we think when it comes to local language, may you remind her of other fluencies she has? That she may be fluent in love for the people she will live amongst? That you can help her be fluent in the language of your spirit — of peace and patience and kindness and goodness. We pray that you calm her anxious heart and replace it with anticipation.

      God that as good things are going to be less reliable — the internet, western restaurants, the familiarity of a city — that you would remind her they are good and it’s OK to love them but good is not the same as necessary. And that you would help her to sort through what is necessary and that as she sees she has what is necessary, you will calm her heart. You will see her anxieties and even in them she will find connecting points with you as there were times you too asked for the cup to be removed, but if it weren’t, to be found in your father’s will.

      God, I also pray for strengthening of her relationship with her husband and for peace to reign in their home and marriage during this time of transition. And for a sense of JOY and FUN and exploration in these upcoming weeks. Amen and amen!

    2. T January 8, 2015

      God, I pray for a new friend for Pam in their village.  One that you have prepped for her!  God, I pray that she will be able to show Pam fun ways of doing things and a fun perspective to go thru all the newness, despite language differences.  Help Pam and her husband to lean on You and each other during this time, with patience and extra grace for themselves and each other!  Use this move to move hearts to You!

    3. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Jesus, Help Pam’s mind quickly grasp the language that she’s working on. I pray that you would give her understanding. Give the people she’s working with grace and patience as she speaks.

  5. mary beth j January 8, 2015

    I moved back from the field this year and am really really ready for this transitional season of life to be over (it WILL be over someday, right??) I found a wonderful part-time job in a field i had no experience in- and i love it! But i still live with my parents and it is a STRUGGLE. It’s a struggle to be poorer in the US than i was in China. It is a struggle to be healing from depression. It’s a struggle that i wont be joining my friends in Thailand soon. It’s just been a struggle. I feel so frustrated that God brought me back here to be healed (and yes! He IS healing so many things in my heart!) but that i’m still very dependent on my parents after living very much on my own. That I dont have a job despite all my hard work. That my parents wont let me forget that i am dependent on them.

    1. Laura January 8, 2015

      Mary Beth, I understand what it’s like to live at home after being independent in a foreign country, not easy! Praying for you today. For God to continue to give you the strength you need as you transition back to life in the States. And for Him to work in your job situation and provide a way for you to be independent again.

    2. Amy Young January 8, 2015

      Dear God, we bring our sister Mary Beth before you and hear the echo of the word “struggle” throughout her request. As I read it, I thought of how you too have tasted struggle. It was no easy thing for Jesus to submit to the will of your Father and the anguish he experienced in the garden was real. Thank you that you have entered our human state and know what struggle is. You also stirred within me that life that is within Mary Beth — those who no longer struggle have given up. When Mary Beth bumps into the struggles this week may they also whisper “life” to her and through that whisper offer hope that this is for a season.

      Help her live with this season of intense tension, may she not be overwhelmed by it. And that you for the ways she has offered this struggle to our community here and through her struggle we can enter in with our struggles too. In the name of the one who understands struggles, Amen

    3. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      God, I ask that you would bless and prosper Mary Beth. I pray for new opportunities. I pray for total healing from her old depression.

      I have a sense that 2015 will be a blessed year for you.

  6. Jennifer January 8, 2015

    I do feel like I am beginning to really come out of a very challenging few years… yet find the reality that I can at the same time be both “good” and “challenged” in different dimensions or can swing between the two. Very much aware that prayer is an essential element of my current journey and continuing to build upon what is definitely happening in a positive way while at the same time aware of things which need to still be dealt with and worked through.

    1. Danielle Wheeler January 8, 2015

      Father, I resonate with Jennifer, with the joy of growth and change and the awareness of all the growth and change still needed.  Thank you for being the God of the whole journey, that you see what our hearts were, what they are, and what they shall be.  Thank you  that your grace goes with us every step of our journeys.  Give Jennifer a special awareness of your presence today, draw her close in intimate prayer, and continue to guide her in the fullness of life you have for her.  Amen.

  7. Ellie January 8, 2015

    Thanks for being a lovely community that makes me cry! 😉  I have been pondering on the “one word” thing this morning and I’m not there yet but I am weary and sickness and tiredness, two busy children and a husband who is away regularly at the moment and a difficult church situation and lack of support networks,  I have been thinking about “margin” that there will be rest and space and restoration this year. We’ve been here nearly six years and working in Europe it’s not quite the same rhythm so we have done shorter exhausting Home Assignment “visits” but without successful holiday time, I’m thinking we really need some holiday and retreat and time to catch up and re-focus (preferably with child care!) please pray for trust in our loving Heavenly Father that He does want to provide and for trust for the finances to sustain us well here and in taking breaks. Thankyou!

    1. a gurl January 8, 2015


      i pray for Ellie. i ask for rest. for a retreat of some sort Father hear her heart and bring support to her weary soul. please be their family’s provision and provide the financial support that is needed. be for Ellie a refuge…cover her with your feathers let Your faithfulness God be her shield as she sees no support…Father meet her and provide for the family…

      1. Amy Young January 8, 2015

        God I join with my sister(s) here to pray for Ellie and this season she’s in — with young kids, a traveling husband, and the stress of finances to be able to take breaks that are realistic and won’t add to the financial stress. God when she said this is year 6, I thought of the 6 days you took for creation and how on the 7th day you rested and throughout scripture modeled and invited and chastised those who did not rest. It may not be realistic for Elli and her family to take a year off (though you know my opinions on this God). But could you please come alongside Elli and her husband and help them find ways they can do life differently. Can you please bring others alongside them too who will speak life and hope and suggestions to them? Who will support them as they begin to make changes? And will you please confirm for Elli a word — be it margin (I so love the way margins frame a piece of paper and would ask that you frame her life with them too) or rest or space or chocolate or whatever :)! Amen!

  8. a gurl January 8, 2015

    we go back for a short 10 days january 30th and then go again july 1st for 9 days. the preparation has started for full time relocation. the church is having us do training. i am reading books. i am ready but not ready.

    i am scared.

    i am in intense therapy.

    i see two sides to the current interaction with people.

    my little girl side and the adult side.

    working on reconciling the pain of the past but realizing that that is where i am supposed to be.

    embracing the pain despite and loving people despite. being the simple hands and feet of Jesus to others.

    my 365 word is love.

    last year it was preparation.

    this year love. simply truthfully people scare me. and yet God has called me to this messy love…to take risks…to breathe.

    so i stumble along. pretending. suiting up and showing up.

    i love this forum. it has been my sanity and challenge.


    1. Amy Young January 8, 2015

      Dear God, as I read A Gurl’s request I am struck by her word for the year “love” and how, I believe it was Sarah Ruden (but don’t hold me to it) in writing about 1 Corinthians 13 said love is “maniacally verb centered” and active. It would seem love is an apt word for this season! Though A Gurl is entering an intentional season for preparation for a new assignment and will be swimming in the waters of transition, I pray that she senses how very much you are her anchor and are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

      Help her in this holy calling of messy love — the ways you will be with her in her fears, her therapy, the dancing towards people who have hurt her (or situations, whatever it is God, you know and can act). Thank you for the comfort she has found here among sisters. As she asked, may we each be the hands and feet of Jesus to each other. With your never ending, always new, deeper than any other love for her we ask this. Amen

  9. VJ January 8, 2015

    I’d like prayer that I would obey JOYFULLY. I’m committed to this calling. I am sure this is where God wants us, but I don’t want to follow grudgingly.  I want to love this place, these people.  I want to really know in depths of my heart that it is a joy, honor, and privilege to serve my Lord.  These things I know intellectually, theologically…. but my heart struggles with selfishness, self pity, and longing for “home”.  The cost of following seems ever increasing.   December was harder than I expected…maybe because we were just home last year so those sweet holidsy memories are fresh and the distance more painful because in some ways I feel like I haven’t quite “landed”…like my heart is still stuck somewhere in the middle between two places I call home though we have been back over 4 months now.

    I’d also like prayer for my marriage…. this transition has hit us hard as we have both been so busy just surviving that we haven’t loved each other well and now there is distance and awkwardness where there should be unity and understanding.

    1. Amy Young January 12, 2015

      Oh God, we come alongside VJ and ask that you would keep her heart soft and friendly towards her husband and the people she lives amongst. We ask that you would sprinkle JOY in her life this week and that JOY flavors her life in ways that she knows can only come from you! Thank you that you don’t want us to serve out of mere duty or drudgery (though we know there may be seasons). Amen 🙂

  10. Aliyah January 8, 2015

    Shalom dear sisters

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to share in prayer. This evening I was praying and God is really good. I am at peace inside and am well. My prayer need is really for a project that God has laid on my heart. It has been going well – it is a book, where a lot of women from across the globe will be sharing their hard, raw stories in one book. We will be making this book available for a smal fee and donating all the funds to a Christian project in India for women. However, I did not realise what would be involved regarding design work – I am not a designer, I am a writer and my husband and I are M’s in South Africa. We live by Faith and everyone wants money from me to help me design a book cover and make it look nice. I am not asking God for money – if He wills it, it will come! I am asking Him for faithful men and women who will come alongside me to help me. The stories are coming in – the writers have availed their hearts so deeply, but I am praying for Christ to send servant – hearted believers across my path. I cannot make this project a reality without help. PLease pray for wisdom for me and for Gods will – the right people and His huge impact that He is going to make with this project, also pray for protection and everything that is His will! Thank you all so much! reaching out tonight has been a huge blessing to me.

    1. Amy Young January 12, 2015

      God, thank you for the ways you stir in people and move them to be your feet and hands here on earth. We ask for wisdom, connections, and a sense of your leading for Aliyah and others who work on this book project! Amen!

  11. melindatodd January 8, 2015

    Please pray for our M team that is heading out in May. We need to raise our funds and I would love to see us go above and beyond and gift the M more money than what we’ve said we’d raise! For health and safety and for those we will minister to. We want to be a blessing, not a burden. Also, for our family as we seek being M’s in Haiti. Thank you so very much!

  12. Brittany January 9, 2015

    I’m praying for each of you precious ladies as I scroll through and read!

    My request is for my heart to trust the Father as He continues to knit together the little soul in my womb.  Every day of this precious life He has already planned out, whether they are few or many.  I can rest in Him (so why is it so hard??).

    I am also yearning so deeply for our home in a village outside of the city we live in now.  We are in year 2 of language school and the hope is that this Autumn we will move to the village that already feels like home.  We have purchased a shell of a house there, and I am anxious that all of the renovations and construction will not be done in time as we go back to the States for 5 months as I have this baby.  This will be the closest thing to putting down roots that my husband and I have experienced ever in our marriage, and I am so ready for “our” place.

  13. Cecily Willard January 10, 2015

    I want to live without worry.  I want to trust in the Lord with all of my heart, but I see that I don’t do that because I still worry 🙁  I believe the Lord is calling me to greater levels of responsibility, and with greater responsibility, I have more worry!  Oh, Father, I am so sorry that I am not trusting you.  You want to entrust me with more because I have been faithful with the small, but why am I struggling to trust you?!  This worry and lack of trust saddens my heart and makes me wonder how I can be entrusted with more.  Surely my worry is a big disappointment to the One who has entrusted me with more.

    1. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Cecily, God is so proud of you. He loves you so deeply and truly. You are not a disappointment to him.

      Jesus, your word says that when we confess our sin to each other and pray for each other, you heal us. You heard Cecily’s confession about her lack of trust. Heal her. Relieve her worry. Help her rest in your goodness. I pray that this week Cecily would feel your intense love.

      1. Cecily Willard January 12, 2015

        Thanks, Ellen, for praying for me.

        Yesterday the Lord showed me that I am struggling to trust the Lord with my mistakes, and that I am so fearful of making a mistake.  So I do need to rest in His goodness and His love.

  14. Michelle January 10, 2015

    I am going through some health issues and am a huge worrier. Waiting to get results back and trying very hard to trust and rest in the Lord. I just want to know and move forward with a plan. It is hard to trust and I have had major trust issues with male figures in the past so that is not helping matters as either.

    1. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Jesus, Michelle knows that worrying about her health will not add a single minute to her life. But it’s scary. Please take away her fear. Fill her with peace and joy.

  15. Rhonda January 11, 2015

    Uplifting for finances would be wonderful.  My deficit is in the negative enough that, if it was in the black, it would be a year of full support. It has been a wee bit frustrating especially when one is putting in the effort and trying.  From the start it has been a tough go getting people back home on board as monthly supporters. Part of the frustration is the exchange rate and the higher taxes I pay being Canadian and from Ontario.  However, I have to say Father has doubled my monthly supporters from the time I left. I came over with 12 and after 2 years I am almost at 24.
    The road has been long and hard as many of you know first hand.  At the end of December, both in my Christmas newsletter and my “regular” weeklies , I have gave a “here it is situation”. The response has been good. I have had a few surprise one-time donations and a new monthly supporter.  I know Father wants me here but I am having a hard time trusting him in the area of finances. This would be because of my past marriage and all the financial problems there.  It took a bit after becoming a believer to view Father as a loving Father because of my past relationship with my earthly father.  I know finances is an area where I am struggling with the Father. Not surprisingly my word for this year from him is “trust faithfully”.

    Uplifting that I will trust faithfully would be greatly appreciated.  I head home at the end of  February for 2 months to finish off my last undergrad degree. Much of that time will be split between course work and raising support both one-time to help with the deficit and more monthly support.  I am hoping this will be a fruitful time. Thanks ladies.

    1. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

      Lord, protect and prosper Rhonda. I ask that you would multiply her finances and help her trust you.

      1. Rhonda January 15, 2015

        Thanks Ellen!


        Been keeping you all uplifted as well.

  16. Marie January 11, 2015

    I feel so overwhelmed! My children go to a local school here in our adopted country. Our youngest son’s teacher will not go the extra mile with us to explain what is expected in the classroom. How can we help our second grader with his homework if his teacher refuses to communicate with us? Please pray that we will have better communication with the his teacher.

  17. Ellen Benefield January 11, 2015

    Oh Lord, I pray for great communication between Marie and her son’s teacher. I have a 2nd grade son struggling to adapt to local school as well. I pray that you would give our children supernatural understanding of their adopted culture and language. Fill in the gaps that they have because we mothers didn’t grow up in our new cultures. I pray for clear expectations and communication.

  18. J'Layne January 11, 2015

    I just sold my house in Dallas this morning. I am moving to Kenya. I am excited and anxious. Knowing it will be joyous and also difficult. Knowing that I do not know all that I want to know. That experience is how I will learn and grow. Feeling the pain of unfulfilled desires (marriage/motherhood) as I strike out on my own as a single woman. Obedient but with reservations. Pray for me.

    1. Amy Young January 12, 2015

      Oh God, we do pray for J’Layne — thanking you for the sale of her house and the ways you have lead her up to this point! We thank you for her obedience and the joy she has as she prepares to move to Kenya. God I would ask that you’re building a significant group of supporters who will walk with her through life and in ways she can’t anticipate now, be family to her. And that she would sense your presence in her pain — that she would know you as “the man of sorrows” in ways she hasn’t before and that she would find ways to feel and honor her disappointment without feeding it. Give her joy this week and peace for this season! Amen

  19. Monica January 13, 2015

    I hope it’s not too late to put in a prayer request.  Our Sabbatical will be drawing to an end in a few months and we have a lot of decisions to make…. go back to East Asia, continue our Sabbatical (because we really don’t feel ‘ready to go back just yet’), or does the Father have something new for our family completely?  Handling all these emotions has been a challenge… what to do when I desperately miss the people ‘there’, but want to be ‘here’?  I can’t imagine NOT going back… and I can’t imagine leaving this time of rest.  Please pray that my husband an I will trust Him and be attentive to His Word for our family.  My word for this year is “rise”.  After resting, releasing and receiving… I can finally RISE again, as an eagle rises into the sky.  I feel the Father carrying me and I want to soar!

    1. Patty Stallings January 15, 2015

      Father, we bring Monica and her family to your throne room, remembering You love Monica with an everlasting love and have been drawing her to Yourself with lovingkindness.  In the middle of all these decisions and questions, would You surround her and speak hope and courage to her soul?  Would you give her rest and confidence in Your ability to BE her Rest in these coming days?  As she waits on You, we echo her prayer for her to soar on eagle’s wings with renewed strength.  Thank You for all You have done in Monica during their sabbatical.  We trust with Monica that You have used this time to reshape and restore and renew her, and that the beauty of her transformation will not be lost in this new season.

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