Let’s Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate!

Each year we here at Velvet Ashes count down to retreat weekend as if we were kids at Christmas…and this is Christmas morning. It’s finally time to rip off the wrapping and share the excitement with your friends all over the world!

The elephant in the room is that this retreat will be the one that we all did during lock down. This is the retreat that we did despite not being able to gather and go like we have always done. This is the retreat we will talk about for years to come. “Do you remember the year we …”

The gift you unwrap this year may look different. You may be surprised to find although it isn’t what you had hoped for, it is exactly what you needed.

Through the pages of this year’s retreat you will be encouraged to find joy right where you are.

You will be challenged to celebrate the goodness of your Father in quiet and personal ways.

You will be asked to evaluate and protect the time you are gifted.

You will be invited to share and learn with women from all over the world.

You will worship.

You will laugh.

You will stretch yourself both mentally and physically.

Although many things about our lives right now may be on pause, our lives are not. We are still called to believe. We are still called to obey. We are still called to serve. We are still called to grow. And because of that, this retreat at this time is truly a gift.

Because it is a well-known fact that you must read the card before you open the gift, but all you really want to do is open the gift, we will keep this short.

Registration is open until May 23rd but why wait! Celebrate with us today.

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