This Week’s Theme: Beyond Joy

We don’t want a fleeting, flimsy joy. No, we long for the kind of joy that digs deep roots and sticks around for the highs and lows and everything in between.

We want a joy that looks straight past the impossible circumstances and the stomach-punching disappointments. Joy that digs in her heels when everything feels lost and hopeless.

We want joy that goes beyond today or tomorrow. Joy that walks beside us in the hills and valleys, in plenty and in want.

This is no ordinary joy, friends.

In our current crazy world, we need a sturdy, steady joy more than ever.

Where are you looking for joy? How do you hold tight to joy when everything around you is crumbling?

Let’s let those hard-won joy stories overflow this week. Share the ways the Father gave you joy in the impossible, as well as in the beautiful moments. Share the simple joys that are filling your days, reminding us all to keep our eyes open. Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesBeyondJoy and come join the conversation.

What do you think?

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