Living an Exodus Life

Living an Exodus Life

When I think of Moses, the Israelites and the exodus from Egypt, I can get wrapped up in a moment or an event. I often think of the story happening within the space of a few chapters without really pondering what the reality would have been like.

The reality was that the exodus was a very long, very hard, very complicated story that was years in the making.

Take a moment and think through the events that led up to the exodus.

For Moses, imagine the new knowledge of being an Israelite after having grown up in the palace. Then, the killing of an Egyptian, a lonely walk across the desert, a new family, a new job, a burning bush. Think about the long process in Moses’ life that brought him to the first time he stood before Pharaoh.

For the Israelites, think about the history, their years of slavery, the days of plagues, the extra work and the whispered worries, pains and fears.

Next, imagine the day the exodus actually began. The people, the heat, the dust, the animals, the tears and the joys.

Are you there with me?

Now, picture the faces of the Israelites, of Moses and Aaron. They didn’t know on that exodus day how much they would still face in the desert ahead, how they would wander in the wilderness or die from sickness or cry for meat or worship other gods.

For them, the exodus felt like it was just that physical moment of leaving but in reality, it would continue for many years to come.

If I sit and think about the exodus from beginning to end, from the birth of Moses to the first foot set in the promised land, I’m overwhelmed. There is so much pain, disobedience, attitude, struggle and death.

Yet, spread throughout the story, we see God’s presence, guidance, healing and provision. We see God’s love, forgiveness and mercy on full display.

When I mirror that to my story, I see so many of the same things. The harsh realities and sweet moments blend, sending me to my knees in prayer and thankfulness, in tears and hope.

Looking back over the past years and then wondering what I have yet to face in this exodus, this moving overseas, this transition to another culture, this daily walk of obedience, I can get lost in the magnitude of the journey.

In those moments, I must stop and remember these simple, truthful, and powerful phrases.

1} I can trust Him through it all. Isaiah 43:1-3

2} I can remain as a foreigner because He’s with me. Genesis 26:3

3} His promises are true. Psalm 12:6

4} He is faithful. Psalm 118:2

5} His mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23

6} He can part the sea. Exodus 14:21

7} He is our daily bread. Exodus 16:4

8} I can do all things through Him. Philippians 4:13

9} My future is in his hands. Psalm 31:15

10} I do not need to worry. Philippians 4:6-7

*Print this list here

There is something very comforting and beautiful about looking at the whole process, pausing to remember where you’ve been and where you’re going.

But we must not let that overwhelm us.

Instead, let’s cover our exodus journey with the simple, powerful and truthful Word of God.

Let’s fall to our knees in this moment and trust his faithfulness, his mercy, his provision and his peace.

Our journeys are complex. Our transitions are not easy. Our exodus is not short.

We can’t know what is just around the path or how long we’ll stay in this season of wandering.

But we can trust, speak truth and encourage each other along the way.

What are you learning in your exodus? What simple, powerful truths bring you encouragement and hope? How can you cover your exodus in the Word of God?

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash


  1. Stephanie Clarke February 3, 2020

    “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” ~ 2 Chronicles 20:12. My eyes are on you, Lord! Like Moses and the Israelites, this is often the only answer that I have. Because I don’t know what to do, but in His Omniscience, He does. So I look up in my exodus and wandering!

    Thank you, Jenilee, for the reminders of God’s promises! They are food to a weary soul!

    1. Jenilee Goodwin February 3, 2020

      Love that verse too!! What a great word to speak over your exodus journey. Jesus is the answer.

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