Merry Velvet Christmas!

May the wonder of Immanuel fill you today.

“God… with… us…”

May you find pause today to let that soak your soul.

May you be ravished with gob-smacking awe at the thought of God of the universe in squishy newborn skin.

May you know deep into your marrow the love of him who came for you.

May you be like the shepherds “who let loose, glorifying and praising God for everything they had heard and seen.”

May today be a velvet day for you.  Many days this year were for ashes, for grieving and mourning and struggling hard.  But today, let today be a velvet day.  Bask in the wonder, relish the richness.


Today we’re throwing a celebration on Instagram.  In all our little corners of the globe, we’re letting loose with the wonder and joy of Christmas!  So come share a glimpse of what Christmas looks like for you.  Hashtag your image with #VelvetAshesChristmas and it’ll show up here.  If you’re reading in email, click here to come see the pictures of Christmas around the world and join in with us!  Whether you’re in your home country or abroad, share your Christmas joy with us.  Let’s enjoy watching Christmas unfold in this beautiful community all around the world!


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Merry Velvet Christmas! 

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